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The Companions


The Eight Doctors

1 - Susan, Ian, Barbara, Vicki, Steven, Katarina, Sara, Dodo
2 - Polly, Ben, Jamie, Victoria, Zoe
3 - The Brigadier, Liz, Sgt. Benton, Jo, Captain Yates
4 - Sarah Jane, Harry, Leela, K-9, Romana, Adric
5 - Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Kamelion, Peri, Mel, Ace

Susan Foreman
Arrival: An Unearthly Child Departure: The Dalek Invasion of Earth

SusanSusan is The Doctor's granddaughter. Her real name, and her parents' identities, are unrecorded, but we do know that she was born on Gallifrey, and accompanied her grandfather when he left his home planet. Susan and The Doctor had "many homes" during their travels, but she never shared her grandfather's wanderlust, and often expressed the desire to find a home of her own and settle down. With the help of her schoolteachers, Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton, she began to gain a degree of independence from The Doctor. She fell in love with the young resistance fighter David Campbell during the crew's adventure on 22nd century Earth, and The Doctor, knowing she'd be unable to make the decision to leave him, locked her out of the TARDIS and left her to start the new life she'd always wanted (The Dalek Invasion of Earth). Susan, now many years older, was briefly reunited with her grandfather, and met some of his later incarnations, during the course of their adventure in the Death Zone on Gallifrey (The Five Doctors).

Ian Chesterton
Arrival: An Unearthly Child Departure: The Chase

IanIan was Susan's science teacher at Coal Hill School in London. Along with Barbara, he became involved with The Doctor as a result of their curiosity about Susan. Ian and The Doctor were frequently at odds, especially during their early adventures, but developed a mutual respect and affection, though The Doctor often masked this by pretending that he couldn't remember Ian's name, calling him "Chatterton" and the like. Ian was a capable fighter, presumably as a result of military service in the 1950s, and a valiant comrade. He was knighted by King Richard I during an adventure in 12th century Palestine (The Crusade). Ian and Barbara were friends at Coal Hill School, and this relationship deepened during their adventures. One suspects that when they found a way to return to London (The Chase) that they stayed together, if only because there was no one else in their own time with whom they could share their fantastic adventures.

Barbara Wright
Arrival: An Unearthly Child Departure: The Chase

BarbaraBarbara was Susan's history teacher, and it was her insistence on solving the mystery of this "unearthly child" that led Ian to accompany her to Susan's home, and began the series of adventures they shared with The Doctor. Barbara initially found it difficult to accept that she was unable to make major changes in the lives of those she met in Earth's past (The Aztecs), and it may be this trait, along with her level-headed quality, which most endeared her to The Doctor. During their travels, Barbara was largely responsible for a gradual mellowing of The Doctor's attitude toward ordinary humans. Barbara herself began to loosen up as time passed, and progressed from being fearful (but stoic) to genuinely enjoying her adventures. She and Ian left together, and one can hope that they lived happily ever after.

Arrival: The Rescue Departure: The Myth Makers

VickiVicki was born in the late 25th century, and joined the TARDIS crew after being shipwrecked on the planet Dido (The Rescue). At first, The Doctor treated her as something of a substitute for Susan, but as they came to know each other, he began to appreciate Vicki's own qualities, especially her eagerness to experience the adventures he had to offer her. It was Vicki who convinced him, against his initial misgivings, to attempt to use the Daleks' time machine to return Barbara and Ian to their own time, and she soon came to treat their new companion Steven almost as an older brother. Vicki eventually fell in love with the Trojan warrior Troilus, and after making sure that Steven and The Doctor would be cared for, left the TARDIS crew for what must have proved the greatest adventure of her life (The Myth Makers).

Steven Taylor
Arrival: The Chase Departure: The Savages

StevenSteven was a pilot in Earth force who crashed on the planet Mechanus and was imprisoned by its inhabitants, the robotic Mechanoids. For many months his only companion was his mascot, a stuffed panda called Hi-Fi, and he was delighted to meet The Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Vicki. After they escaped from the Mechanoid city, he went back to retrieve Hi-Fi, but managed to get to the safety of the TARDIS before its departure (The Chase, The Time Meddler). Steven remained with The Doctor during one of the most difficult periods of his journeys, when two of their companions died helping to defeat the menace of the Daleks (The Daleks' Master Plan). While Steven respected The Doctor, he had a mind of his own. He often questioned The Doctor's decisions, most notably when The Doctor refused to risk altering history during the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre in Paris. He actually left The Doctor for a brief time, but soon rejoined him, and was pleased to learn that their newest companion, Dodo, was descended from the family of a girl who'd befriended him in Paris. Steven eventually left The Doctor to assume the role of leader of an alien society (The Savages), and his courage and convictions surely qualified him for that role.

Arrival: The Myth Makers Death: The Daleks' Master Plan

KatarinaKatarina was a handmaiden of the Trojan princess Cassandra, who helped get the wounded Steven into the TARDIS during the fall of Troy (The Myth Makers). During her brief adventures with The Doctor, she helped Steven get medical aid from Space Security Agent Bret Vyon, and, knowing that The Doctor needed to warn Earth about an impending Dalek assault, sacrificed her life in order to prevent an escaped convict from stopping him. 

Sara Kingdom
Arrival: The Daleks' Master Plan Death: The Daleks' Master Plan

SaraSara was a Space Security Agent assigned to kill The Doctor, Steven, and Bret Vyon. While she succeeded in killing Bret, her brother, she soon learned that the orders she had been given were intended to prevent The Doctor and Steven from fighting the Daleks. She joined the crew, and aided The Doctor against the Daleks. Sara died heroically while making sure that The Doctor's plan to defeat the alien menace succeeded (The Daleks' Master Plan).

Dorothea "Dodo" Chaplet
Arrival: The Massacre Departure: The War Machines

DodoDodo was a young orphan who entered the TARDIS by accident, believing it to be a real police box (The Massacre). Her adventures included a visit to the far future, where she inadvertently reintroduced the human race to the common cold, which had been cured in the late 20th century (The Ark). She also traveled to the domain of the Celestial Toymaker, and was with The Doctor during his adventure at the O.K. Corral (The Gunfighters). Following Steven's departure, she and The Doctor returned to her own time, and she was taken over by the sentient computer WOTAN, which wanted her help to enslave The Doctor. After The Doctor successfully freed her from WOTAN's influence, Dodo, who wasn't really cut out for the adventurous life of a companion, chose to remain in her own era (The War Machines).

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