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November 2023: Removed the News page and WhoLink in an effort to get the basic site back up; removed all references to the guestbook (may it rest in peace); removed references to the ICRA (may they rest in peace); updated gender references to be more inclusive on pages that referred to the Doctor and the Master in generic terms and not to a specific regeneration; updated About the Maintainer; re-added @ symbols to email addresses since I'm pretty sure spambots can counter changing them to the word "at" anyway

November 2009: Added a News page; changed page logos so they are all in the same style

April 2008 to August 2009: Updated WhoLINK; changed poll question; made usual changes to About The Maintainer and one not-so-usual change, updating the link to my husband's website because he now shares space on Cedant with me; blocked in a section for Matt Smith on What IS Doctor Who?; deleted the reference in The Chase to the Marie Celeste because a reader pointed out it really was the Mary Celeste in our timeline too

May 2006: Added Red's Who back to Personal Pages; added The Videodrome to Clubs and Conventions in time (barely) for their signing in April; signed up for Bravenet free poll service (see front page); finished writing Ninth Doctor paragraph and finished the transition for the "Interim" section of What IS Doctor Who?; visited every link on site that was not visited the last time to check URL and site content; added a request to write the Sci-Fi Channel to thank them for broadcasting the new series and to ask for either older Who or Torchwood; other updates to WhoLINK; fixed page logos and did browser check

September 2005: Just as I was preparing a revision, I find out that NextPlatform has done the Internet equivalent of running for the hills, without any notice to me. (The May 2001 entry describes how something similar happened to Allen. I guess I'm just continuing the tradition...) So the new host for this site is now Cedant Web Hosting. As for the changes this time around, this site has been gifted with the Ex-FBI-Agents Award (because, to quote the letter I received, "Doctor Who saved the Universe enough times"), a unique award I'd like to think Allen would have appreciated; visited every site on WhoLINK to confirm link and content; updated What Is Doctor Who? by blocking in a section for the upcoming Tenth Doctor, David Tennant; was given and accepted an invitation to join the Admiral Mudd And Friends Site Ring; upgraded counter to hide site stats

August 2004: In honor of the sixth anniversary of Who's Doctor Who, I uploaded the two awards the site has received since Allen passed away: the Doctor Who Online - Web Planet Elite Site Award and the SFcrowsnest Award. I also changed What Is Doctor Who? to reflect the coming of the new Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, and as a result the section now called "Interim - The Doctor Today" is in a transitional state. Updated all links and added a section on the index page listing the previous URLs at which this site has been located. Also did the usual tweaking of About The Maintainer.

July 2003: In October, Buznet was purchased by NextPlatform, which has asked me to upload files to a new server. In the process of doing so, I've checked all links and added author and maintainer credits to each page, as well as the date of change if I actually changed it. Updated What Is Doctor Who? and removed the @ symbols in all e-mail links on the site (I've decided I don't like spam). When e-mailing, please remember to replace the word "AT" with the symbol. Thanks. Also, thank you to LCpl Peter Barnett, British Army, who pointed out the mistake in the section on the Brigadier - he's not in the Royal Army, of course, but the British Army. My apologies to anyone who was offended by that error; it has been corrected.

September 2002: Restored WhoLINK; checked all links; changed a few of my favorite links on About The Maintainer
April 2002: Buznet suffered its first major catastrophe since the site was transferred there in December, and the site was down from April 18 to 22. They tried to restore from a backup and couldn't, so since I had to reupload everything anyway, I reorganized the directory structure of the site (I'm still learning), checked links, and tinkered with the wording on the Amendments and What Is Doctor Who? pages, and the page on yours truly.

December 2001: After four months of struggles to find a web host and domain name, as well as real life getting in the way, I (your new host, Louise Lobinske) finally managed to get Who's Doctor Who back online. The new web host is Buznet Internet Solutions, and the site now has its own domain name, Allen had been working on getting the site its own domain name, and I'm very pleased to have been able to accomplish that for him. The site has been offline since August 1st, so welcome back, everyone! In addition to changing and verifying all links on the site, I also changed the counters and guestbook (yet again - sorry, folks!), and the mailing list. In the confusion of downloading the site at the last minute, I missed a couple of the sound files (see the Amendments page for details), but the Unit News Doctor Who WAV Archive came to my rescue - thanks, guys! Due to problems with the images after conversion, I had to remove the Website Logos page (ART files would be of limited use to anyone); once I learn a little bit more, maybe I can restore this page.

BBC 2 Who Night LogoMay 2001: I'm extremely pleased to say that the site has been awarded the prestigious (and rare) Superb! Website 200 Award from Website Awards; I'm in the middle of recovering from yet another hospital visit (I've had three major cardiac procedures in five weeks - if I were The Doctor, I'd be Sylvester McCoy by now), but I'm working - albeit a bit more slowly than I'd hoped - on new material which should be online soon; replaced the counters and guestbook (the company I've always used has disappeared - without so much as a word to their customers); received Angelsnote, Arete Wave Gold, Casey's Celtic Charm, Heavenly Cookies Excellence, Lynx Monthly and Pacoima Ranch Vision Awards  

April 2001:
Not a month I'd like to go through again, with two hospital stays, plus the loss of my old ISP (which went up in smoke - literally); relocated the site to Atlantic Net; converted sound files to mp3 format and updated WhoLINK; site received the TOL Family Safe rating; added an Index for the awards section; received Bearz Web Prestige,, Diehl Design, iNet Bronze, Ladder54 Firefighters Excellence, Mylo Gold, 1 Simple Guide Gold Site, Phonex Great Site, SilverSpike Gold, Snyper's Top Site, Texas Precancel Excellence, TOL Excellence in Design and TOL Designs Master Design Awards

March 2001: WhoLINK has been updated, and an ICRA rating has been added to the site; received Critics, Oastie, Purple Rose and World of Knowledge Awards

February 2001: Made additions and corrections - and added new photos - to The Second Doctor 3 and The Third Doctor 2 pages; completely overhauled WhoLINK, with new sites added and others recategorized; received Design Excellence, Koala's Top Site, Leigh's Cool Site and N Awards

January 2001: WhoLINK has been updated and minor corrections have been made on some pages; received Absolute Cross, Anam Cara Creativity, Blue Excellence, Hoopes Online Web Design, Ndoro Excellence and Weblyte Design Gold Awards

December 2000: Updates delayed due to computer and health problems, but there were some minor revisions and an update to WhoLINK; received Actor, Beyond, Boudoir Artistic Excellence, Latrobe City Gold Oz and Sage Advice Recommended Site Awards

November 2000: Major update to WhoLINK, with all site addresses verified; added new photos to the First through Fourth Doctor sections; received Aardvark Archie, Ashley Alquine, Doug's World, Dragon Masters, DRH Design, 42nd Street, Liver Lovers, Gold, Moontribes Hot Chrome, Ornamental Concrete, Peter's Corner, Polargirl Platinum Egg, Shadow Poetry, Shari's Web Design, Stellar Site, Excellence, Supasonic Personal Site, Ultimate Sci-Fi/Fantasy Excellence, Wavtech Great Sci-Fi Site and Wavtech Superior Site Awards

October 2000: The site was selected as one of the 10 Best Doctor Who Websites by the Dr. Who Alliance of North America; made minor corrections on several pages; updated WhoLINK; received Dream Castle Excellence, Gabriel's Website Excellence, Market-Tek Design, Nick's SF and Southern Nytes Elegance Awards

September 2000: Updated WhoLINK and revised the About the Author page; expanded the Site Awards section; received British History, Cracking Good Site, Cutting Edge, Doc Jim's, Doctor Who Site with Attitude, Eli's Web, Excellent Site, Golden Dandelion, Ladyses, Millennia Script, MMSeekers Creative, Mystic Stars, Private Eye, Raven Diamond, Royal Dragon, Sit and Entertain Me, Six-Pack and Web Page Excellence Awards

August 2000: Updated WhoLINK; received Abhijit's Planet, Best of the Web, Chrysallis, Cristina, Critics' Choice, Golden Web, IME Design, Immortality Fan Site, iNet Gold, Out of This World, WebStars 2000 and Wishing Well Web Page Excellence Awards

July 2000: A complete facelift, with a new layout, new graphics, and some changes to speed up loading times; added this page and the section on companions; redid Awards section, and updated WhoLINK; added a page of logos for use on Who sites; most other pages had additions and corrections; added a search engine for the site; received Believe 2 Achieve, Creativity, CyberLink, Echo Web, ERAust, High Caliber, Newtown Cricket Club, Planetary, Planet Doom, Superb Website, Superior Resource, Ultimate Fan Site, Webmaster Excellence, Webtime Treats, Webwizards 2K, and Zanavon Awards


My thanks go to Steve Hill, Chris Isert, and Andrew Kearley for photo scans and screen captures. I'd especially like to thank Stan Coe, Marcus Durham, Dwain Gleason, Paul Harman, Shaun Lyon, and Chris Sutor for their kindness, help, and support. Splendid chaps, all of them. While I've made every effort to give credit where credit's due, it's possible I've overlooked someone. If your work's here without attribution, please e-mail me and you'll be credited promptly.

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