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The Obligatory Personal Page

Allen Robinson, 1951-2001I'm Allen Robinson, your genial but crotchety host. Thanks for visiting my home page. For those of you who are actually interested in the lives of total strangers (and why shouldn't you be?), I'm 49 years old, divorced twice, and I'm disabled because of a heart condition. I grew up in North Carolina, but I've lived in Florida for the last 22 years. I'm a former postal worker and a 3-time winner of the coveted "Disgruntled Employee of the Month" award. My favorite Doctors are Sylvester McCoy, Patrick Troughton and Tom Baker, and my favorite story is The Talons of Weng-Chiang. Besides Doctor Who, my favorite sci-fi shows are Babylon 5, The Prisoner, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Red Dwarf, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. My favorite SF and fantasy writers are Isaac Asimov, Harlan Ellison, Neil Gaiman, Robert A. Heinlein, Robert Holmes, Michael Moorcock, and Roger Zelazny. I think pop music went to hell when The Beatles broke up. I wish that when disco died the first time that one of us had had the presence of mind to drive a stake through its heart and cut its head off. I majored in English, and I'm a language purist, occasionally to the point of being pedantic. I particularly detest the use of "contact" and "impact" as verbs. My favorite "serious" writers are Jane Austen, Ambrose Bierce, Gabriel Garcia Marquéz, J.D. Salinger, William Shakespeare, Jonathan Swift, and Mark Twain. I think Groucho Marx, Lenny Bruce, Dorothy Parker, George S. Kaufman, and Graham Chapman were the funniest people who ever lived. I love animated cartoons, especially the classic Warner Brothers shorts from the 1940s and 1950s, and Tex Avery's MGM films. I always wanted to be Batman when I grew up. My role models are Nero Wolfe and William Hartnell's Doctor (I'm not kidding about being crotchety). I'm a great believer in lost causes. My favorite baseball team is the Chicago Cubs. I'll leave it up to you to decide if there's a connection between the last two sentences. I'm into role-playing and computer games, though not as much as I used to be. The part of my hard drive that isn't filled with Windows, HTML, and graphics programs is occupied by unplayed games. One of my minor ambitions in life is to finish Destiny of the Doctors. I actually know people who are even more pathetic. I have an amazing amount of useless information in my head. As The Doctor once said, "I know a lot of things I wish I didn't". I learn more stupid HTML tricks every day, and I expect to have things figured out just before they change the standards again. Thanks again for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy Who's Doctor Who.

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