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Who's Doctor Who?

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WhoLINK @ Who's Doctor Who has had about 15,300 visitors from its inception until August 1, 2001 and

since September 28, 2002.

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This page last updated on September 4, 2009

Author: Allen Robinson
Editor/maintainer: Louise Lobinske

The Eight Doctors

The Essential Sites

BBC - Doctor Who - The new series official site

BBC - Cult Television - Doctor Who - All the scoop on the first Eight Doctors, now called "The Classic Series"

The DiscContinuity Guide - An ambitious, and very well-done, guide to the Big Finish adventures and other audio productions, based on the format of the classic reference book

The Doctor Who Bewildering Reference Guide - A concordance for the novels, with historical and technical references, Britishisms, and in-jokes - with notes by the authors and other contributors

The Doctor Who Cuttings Archive - Newspaper and magazine articles about the series - a wealth of material, updated frequently

The Doctor Who Home Page - The starting point for Who on the Web, containing all the FAQs, the Frontios FTP site, and all sorts of other goodies

Doctor Who Image Archive - The definitive source for Who photos, including publicity shots and screen captures

Doctor Who In Detail - Exactly what it claims to be - one of the major resources

Doctor Who Online - News, reviews, a release calendar, forums, reference material, a monthly competition, and the home of The Web Planet awards - this site does its darnedest to live up to its slogan, "one show, one website"

Doctor Who Ratings Guide - Story reviews, fan ratings, and much, much more

Doctor Who Reference Guide - Another key resource, containing an amazing amount of material on the televised stories, the novels, and other spin-offs

Doctor Who Restoration Team - Detailed info on the ongoing efforts to preserve Who, written by the people who do the work

The Doctor Who WAV Archive - A huge collection of sound files from all eras of the series

Howe's Who - The home page of nonfiction writer David J. Howe includes information on his books and other projects, and a regular (and sometimes controversial) opinion column

Outpost Gallifrey - News, reviews, a merchandise release schedule, The Canon-Keepers' Episode Guide, and a wealth of other information - The Doctor Who section of the Sci-Fi Channel's website is quite respectable, including video interviews, trivia, and a chance to win an iPod and the first series DVD set - avoid the Gallery if you don't want spoilers

The Universal Databank - The online version of Jean-Marc Lofficier's best-selling encyclopedia of the Who universe, which also includes material from The Terrestrial Index

Varos - Another key resource - with links, desktop themes, and much, much, more

Who 3D - A stunning collection of 3D models of the TARDIS, the Daleks, and other icons from the series - plus animations, episode reconstructions, and much more


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