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The Second Doctor


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"There are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things -
things which act against everything that we believe in. They must be fought"

The Second Doctor: The Cosmic Hobo

The Second DoctorEven though they witnessed his regeneration, Polly and Ben have trouble believing that the scruffy-looking stranger who's now in charge of the TARDIS is really The Doctor. Like his predecessor, The Second Doctor has an insatiable curiosity and a wide range of knowledge, but it often seems as if that's all they have in common. This Doctor usually hides his wisdom behind a comical veneer and is content to have people underestimate him. He rarely volunteers information without being asked, and when he does it often seems to bear no relation to the problem at hand, at least at first glance. While he has great affection for his companions, he is not above manipulating them if it suits his purposes. He has very little patience with, or respect for, authority and is certainly the most anarchistic of all the incarnations. The Second Doctor rarely engages in violence, preferring to let his male companions handle the action. He seems more certain than any incarnation except The Seventh Doctor that it is both his duty and his right to interfere, and he takes great pleasure in doing so. Like all of his incarnations he is a tireless champion of good, battling a wide variety of menaces. He's responsible for the end, at least temporarily, of the evils of the Daleks and the Cybermen. This Doctor spends little time in the past, and rarely mentions encounters with historical figures. He spends much of this incarnation protecting humanity, either on Earth itself, as in his battles against the Great Intelligence and the Cybermen, or on other worlds, where he protects Earth's people as they voyage out into the universe. This is never more apparent than in his last adventure, in which he must save thousands of human soldiers from an evil fathered by one of his own people. When it becomes obvious that he must call on the Time Lords for help, he does not hesitate to do so, and he then makes a passionate defense for the actions he's taken during his wanderings. His punishment for his transgressions is an enforced change of appearance, and exile among the very people he's spent so much time protecting.

Who IS The Second Doctor?

The Second Doctor The Second Doctor is a short figure, with an unruly moptop of black hair, and a rubbery face which seldom stays still. His clothing is both a parody of, and a rebellion against, that of his earlier form, and looks as if he's slept in it for a few hundred years. Aside from a tall, rather comical hat which he soon discards, this Doctor's only fashion accessory is a somewhat grubby pocket handkerchief. Except for his trusty and frequently tuneless recorder, which he claims helps him to think (The Power of the Daleks, The Three Doctors, and others), he lacks his predecessor's concern with souvenirs and personal possessions, and he doesn't even notice when he drops his once-treasured ring, which no longer fits (The Power of the Daleks). He makes up for this with the amazing assortment of gadgets and junk which he carries in his apparently bottomless pockets. In addition to the sonic screwdriver, a tool he begins to carry in this incarnation (Fury from the Deep), their contents include his 500-Year Diary (The Tomb of the Cybermen and others), a magnifying glass, conkers, candy (usually gobstoppers, lemon sherbets, or jelly babies), an electricity detector, a normal screwdriver, marbles, pins, and a tuning fork. He also pulls out balls of string, fireworks, and half-eaten apples, and on at least one occasion (The Evil of the Daleks) he actually remembers to carry money. The Second Doctor, a man who firmly believes that "bad laws were made to be broken", is a cosmic hobo who by virtue of his wisdom and whimsical charm is, quite rightly, "allowed everywhere".

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