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The Second Doctor


The Eight Doctors
"It is a fact, Jamie, that I do tend to get involved"

The Second Doctor's Final Adventures
Companions and Allies: Jamie, Victoria, Zoe Herriot, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
Major Enemies:
Cybermen, Dominators, Krotons, Ice Warriors, the War Chief, the War Lord

Fury from the Deep
Location: Britain Date: Late 1960s

The TARDIS splashes down in the North Sea, and the crew row to shore in a rubber raft. The Doctor, using his newly-invented sonic screwdriver, opens an inspection plate on a natural gas pipeline, a pipeline which is emitting strange noises. This action soon causes the crew to become suspects in a series of attacks at the gas refinery, including one on Maggie Harris, the wife of one of the employees. The attacks are actually being caused by an intelligent, parasitic, seaweed creature which has infiltrated the pipeline. The Doctor discovers that the creature is vulnerable to sound when he observes it retreating when Victoria screams. He amplifies this sound, and uses it to destroy the creature. Victoria, who's finally realized that The Doctor's lifestyle is too adventurous for her, chooses to stay behind with her new friends, Maggie and Frank Harris.

The Wheel in Space
Location: Space Station W3 Date: Early 21st Century

Zoe joins the TARDIS crewThe Doctor and Jamie arrive on a rocket which services a space wheel near Venus. The wheel is endangered by Cybermats, and The Doctor and Jamie, aided by Zoe Herriot, the station's parapsychology librarian, must stop the Cybermen from destroying the wheel with a diverted meteor storm. The Doctor augments the station's laser cannon and destroys the Cybermen's ship. Zoe stows away on the TARDIS, and The Doctor uses a mental projector to recount the adventure in which he met Victoria (The Evil of the Daleks) so that Zoe will know the dangers she'll be facing as a member of the crew.

The Dominators
Location: Dulkis Date: Unknown

The Doctor sneaks the bomb onto the shipThe Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe arrive on Dulkis, which The Doctor remembers fondly from a previous visit. The Dulcians are a race of pacifists who are not prepared to deal with a force of invading Dominators and their Quark robots. The TARDIS crew, with the help of Cully, the son of the Dulcian leader, prevents the Dominators from destroying the planet and using its energy as a fuel source. The Doctor puts the Dominators' bomb back on their ship, which is destroyed as it leaves the planet. The force causes a volcanic eruption, and the TARDIS is caught in the path of the lava flow.

The Mind Robber
Location: The Land of Fiction Date: Not Applicable

The Doctor, Zoe, and an altered Jamie in the Land of FictionTo escape from the lava flow, The Doctor takes the TARDIS out of the space-time vortex. The ship arrives in a white area of null-space, and The Doctor warns Zoe and Jamie not to go outside. The alien intelligence which controls this space uses the TARDIS scanner to tempt them with images of their homes, and Jamie and Zoe leave the TARDIS and find themselves menaced by White Robots. The Doctor tries to rescue them, but when they return to the TARDIS, the ship is attacked and is apparently destroyed. The travelers awake in a surreal environment which The Doctor calls the Land of Fiction, whose inhabitants include clockwork soldiers, Lemuel Gulliver, and Rapunzel. Jamie is attacked by a British soldier and loses his face, and The Doctor is forced to restore it from a set of puzzle pieces, which he assembles incorrectly (this is later corrected with help from Zoe). After encounters with Medusa and a comic strip hero from Zoe's time called the Karkus, The Doctor and friends eventually learn that the Land is controlled by a super-computer, which is using the creative ability of a pulp fiction writer from 1920s England. This "Master of the Land of Fiction" has run out of ideas, and The Doctor is expected to take his place. The Doctor narrowly avoids this fate, and the computer is destroyed. Based on the surreal nature of this adventure, many historians, including this writer, believe that the "destruction" of the TARDIS, and the subsequent events which occur in the Land of Fiction, were merely a shared dream implanted, for reasons still unknown, by the intelligence which controls this alternate dimension.

The Invasion
Location: London Date: Late 1960s

Lethbridge-Stewart greets Jamie and The DoctorAfter narrowly escaping a missile fired from Earth's moon, the TARDIS lands near London, where a damaged visual stabilizer circuit renders the ship invisible. The Doctor seeks the help of Professor Travers to repair the circuit, but Travers is in America, and has leased his house to Professor Watkins and his niece Isobel. Watkins hasn't been seen since he accepted a job with International Electromatics, Earth's leading supplier of electronic circuitry. The Doctor and Jamie break into IE and are taken to see its director, Tobias Vaughn, whose behavior makes The Doctor suspicious. As they leave, they are taken into custody by Corporal Benton of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT), whose British branch is under the command of the newly-promoted Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart. The Brigadier tells them that other missing persons have been connected to IE, but that UNIT can't act without proof. Vaughn, meanwhile, has learned of The Doctor's visit to Planet 14, and takes Zoe and Isobel hostage when they come looking for the others. The Doctor and Jamie, with help from UNIT, rescue the girls, and learn that Vaughn isThe Cybermen invade London collaborating with the Cybermen. Watkins, who's invented a device which Vaughn believes will control the Cybermen, learns that Vaughn has already undergone partial cybernetic conversion. The Cybermen plan to use circuits in Vaughn's electronic equipment to control Earth's people. Watkins is rescued by UNIT, and he and The Doctor jam this control. The Cybermen launch a counterattack, but Zoe's calculations help the Army destroy their missiles. The Doctor, meanwhile, convinces Vaughn that the Cybermen will use and discard him, and the crazed inventor agrees to help stop them from using their megabomb, not for noble reasons, but because he has been humiliated by the aliens. Vaughn is killed, as is most of the Cyberman landing force (the survivors remain in London's sewers, and spend the next few years upgrading themselves; they are involved in a later Cyberman plot to alter Earth's history: Attack of the Cybermen). The Cybermen's mothership attempts to launch the bomb, but the British missile command destroy the ship and save Earth. The Doctor and Watkins repair the TARDIS circuit, and the travelers depart.

The Krotons
Location: Unknown Date: Unknown

Zoe looks on as The Doctor is testedThe Doctor and his friends arrive on an unidentified planet whose primitive inhabitants, the Gonds, are controlled by the crystalline-based Krotons. These invaders periodically take the two most intelligent Gonds, supposedly as servants, but The Doctor and friends discover that they are actually being drained of their mental energy so that the immobile Krotons may be reanimated. During this adventure, The Doctor is temporarily taken out of his timeline by the Time Lords (see next entry). Zoe and The Doctor take the intelligence test, and their mental energy reactivates the Krotons. The Doctor saves the situation when he discovers that the aliens can be destroyed by sulfuric acid.

The Three Doctors
Locations: UNIT HQ, Anti-Matter Universe Date: 1972

The Doctor, Jo Grant and The Third DoctorThe Doctor is taken from his timeline by order of the President of the High Council to help his next incarnation battle a threat from the Old Time. He materializes inside the TARDIS, where he's reunited with Benton, and meets The Third Doctor and his companion Jo Grant. The Doctor annoys his next persona with his recorder, and their personality clash causes the President to order that The First Doctor be retrieved to sort them out. The Third Doctor and Jo are transported from UNIT HQ, and when the Brigadier sees The Doctor he initially believes that The Third Doctor has somehow reverted to his previous appearance. The Second Doctor discovers how to follow his later self into a universe of anti-matter, and together they defeat the menace, thanks to the recorder, which has fallen into the TARDIS console and remained positive matter. With the threat ended, the First and Second Doctors are restored to their proper places in time. Theoretically Speaking

 The Seeds of Death
Locations: Earth, the Moon Date: Mid-21st Century

The Doctor confronts SlaarThe TARDIS arrives in the middle of the 21st century (in a time period between The Enemy of the World and The Moonbase), and the crew discover that Earth has virtually abandoned rockets in favor of the transmat, a teleportation system operated from the moon. The T-Mat system has mysteriously broken down, and with the help of an eccentric rocket scientist, The Doctor and friends travel to the moon, where they find that the T-Mat station has been overrun by Ice Warriors under the command of the sadistic Slaar. The Ice Warriors intend to use the T-Mat to send lethal seed pods to Earth as a prelude to their invasion. The Doctor escapes back to Earth, and discovers that the seed pods can be destroyed by water. Rain generated by Earth's weather control station is used to end the menace of the pods, and The Doctor returns to the moon via the repaired T-Mat. He diverts the invading Ice Warrior ships into the sun, and he and Jamie defeat Slaar and his remaining Warriors.

The Space Pirates
Locations: Unknown Date: Unknown

In a period later than Zoe's time, The Doctor and his companions land on a space beacon, which is then broken up by pirates, separating them from the TARDIS. The crew are rescued by eccentric miner Milo Clancey, who's been blamed for the piracy by the International Space Corps. The Doctor, with Clancey's help, finds that the thefts are the work of a criminal named Caven, with the unwilling assistance of Madeline Issigri, the daughter of Clancey's former partner. Once she's assured of her father's safety, Madeline helps The Doctor bring Caven to justice.

The War Games
Locations: War Zone Planet, Gallifrey Date: Unknown

The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe in the World War I zoneThe TARDIS lands in a war zone, and the travelers initially believe they've arrived in France during World War I. They eventually discover that they have materialized on an alien world, which has been divided into several such zones, with its human soldiers believing that they are still fighting their various conflicts (which include the Boer War, the American and English Civil Wars, and others). Their captors intend to use the brainwashed soldiers to conquer the galaxy. The alien leader, the War Lord, is assisted by the War Chief, a renegade Time Lord who recognizes The Doctor. The War Chief has used SIDRATs, a sort of short-lived TARDIS, to bring the captives to this world. The Doctor and his friends break the conditioning of many of the humans, and in the ensuing rebellion, the War Chief is killed and the War Lord captured. The Doctor, who realizes that he cannot return all the soldiers to their own times, is forced to call upon the Time Lords for help, which he accomplishes by mentally assembling a message cube which transports itself to them. The Time Lords sentence the War Lord to The Doctor says goodbye to Jamienon-existence, and return the soldiers to their proper places. They then turn their attention to The Doctor, and tell him that he is to be tried for the crime of interference. He attempts to escape with Jamie and Zoe, but the TARDIS is brought back to Gallifrey by remote control. The Doctor's companions are returned to their own times, with their memories selectively erased by the Time Lords (they remember everything about their first adventures with The Doctor except for their departures in the TARDIS). Although The Doctor makes an impassioned defense of his actions, citing his battles against the Daleks, Cybermen, and others as justification for his interference, the Tribunal convicts him. In consideration of his defense, however, they decide to exile him to Earth at a critical point in its history. They also rule that since his current face is known on Earth in this time period, he must undergo a change of appearance. While they initially give him a choice, his indecision causes them to take the matter out of his hands, and he vanishes from the courtroom, and appears on its observation screens, seemingly beginning the process of regeneration for the second time.

The Five Doctors
Locations: UNIT HQ, Gallifrey Dates: 1983, Unknown

As the TARDIS makes its way to 1970s Earth, The Doctor's regeneration is halted, and the ship is diverted from its course. The Doctor apparently gains control of the TARDIS and arrives in London in 1983. He sees a story in The Times about Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart's speech at a UNIT reunion the day before, and travels back to see him. After the two friends reminisce about old times The Doctor prepares to leave, but they are captured by a time scoop and deposited in the Death Zone on Gallifrey. (The scoop's operator was responsible for delaying The Doctor's regeneration and diverting the TARDIS so that The Doctor would be reunited with the Brigadier.) The Doctor and the Brigadier encounter a Cyberman and a Yeti while journeying to the Tomb of Rassilon, where The Doctor believes the answers to their dilemma lie. Once inside the Tomb, they encounter Jamie and Zoe, whom The Doctor identifies as phantoms because their memories have not been erased. They arrive in Rassilon's crypt, where The Doctor, with his first and third selves, translates an inscription which gives them a clue to what's at stake. The First Doctor realizes how to deal with the Time Lord who brought them there, and Rassilon returns everyone to their proper timelines. Before the delayed regeneration finally takes effect, The Doctor dons a watch which will allow him to trace the TARDIS (Spearhead from Space). Theoretically Speaking

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