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The Second Doctor


The Eight Doctors
"I use my own special technique - keeping my eyes open and my mouth shut"

The Second Doctor's Adventures Continue
Companions: Jamie, Victoria 
Major Enemies: Cybermen, Yeti, the Great Intelligence, Ice Warriors, Salamander, Sontarans

The Tomb of the Cybermen
Location: Telos Date: Late 25th Century

The Cybermen emerge from their tombsThe Doctor and KliegThe TARDIS arrives on Telos, where The Doctor and his companions meet an expedition seeking the final resting place of the Cybermen, who haven't been seen for some 500 years. Professor Parry leads the group, but the real power lies with Erik Klieg and his companion Kaftan, who have an agenda of their own. The Doctor also seems to have his own plans, and while he is apparently trying to convince the group to leave the tomb alone, he's actually helping them get it open. Once they reach the bottom level Klieg begins to defrost the tombs, which he learns are a trap to capture beings with high intelligence so they might be converted into Cybermen. Toberman, Kaftan's servant, is captured, and the Cybermen begin the conversion process on him. They also use Cybermats, a sort of foot-long bionic silverfish, to attack the party. As The Doctor defeats this menace, Klieg and Kaftan appear with one of the Cyber weapons, intending to use it to dictate terms to the Cybermen. The Cyber Controller appears to agree, but after he emerges from the tombs he kills Klieg and Kaftan. The Doctor appeals to Toberman's remaining humanity and the man fights off the Controller long enough for The Doctor to reseal the tombs permanently, or so he hopes.

The Abominable Snowmen
Location: Tibet Date: 1935

The YetiThe TARDIS arrives at the Det Sen monastery in Tibet, where The Doctor, who has visited on two previous occasions, finds that the monks are under attack by the Yeti. He produces the holy ghanta of the monastery, which had been entrusted to him on his last visit, and convinces the monks that he wishes to help. His old friend Padmasambhava has been taken over by the Great Intelligence, an alien being who has been using the robotic Yeti as part of its plans for the conquest of Earth. Meanwhile, Jamie and Victoria have become involved with Professor Travers, a scientist who has been seeking the Yeti, and whose friend has been killed by them. The Doctor defeats the Intelligence by immobilizing the Yeti robots. As the travelers are leaving, Travers finally sights a genuine Yeti. When he leaves Tibet, he takes one of the Yeti robots back to London as a souvenir (The Web of Fear).

The Ice Warriors
Location: England Date: circa 3000

Victoria and VargaThe Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria arrive at the Britannicus base during an ice age. The base is using a powerful ionizer to slow down the ice. Embedded in a nearby glacier are survivors of a Martian expedition, which the humans name Ice Warriors. Their leader, Varga, captures Victoria and frees the rest of his crew. The Ice Warriors intend to take over the Earth, using the ionizer as a weapon. The Doctor, who's concerned about the effect the ionizer might have on the Martian ship's reactor, manages to rescue Victoria, and alters the Ice Warriors' sonic cannon to use against them. Penley, one of the base's scientists, discovers the Martians' vulnerability to heat, and uses the ionizer as a weapon as well. The Ice Warriors' ship is destroyed, and the effect of the reactor explosion is not as bad as The Doctor had feared. The ionizer, as part of a worldwide network of the devices, stops the glacier, and The Doctor and his companions leave before the base's crew can thank them for their help.

The Enemy of the World
Location: Earth Date: Early 21st Century

SalamanderThe TARDIS lands on an Australian beach, and the crew find themselves under attack. They are rescued by a helicopter pilot who takes them to her employer, Giles Kent. He tells them that The Doctor is a double of a brilliant scientist named Salamander, inventor of the Sun-Catcher satellite, which is being used to help alleviate Earth's food shortages. Kent believes that a series of "natural" disasters are actually the result of Salamander using the satellite as prelude to his bid for ultimate power. Jamie and Victoria join Salamander's household and confirm these suspicions, but are captured as spies. The Doctor impersonates Salamander in order to rescue them, and also has to deal with Kent, who wants the power for himself. After his plans are thwarted, Salamander attempts to impersonate The Doctor and steal the TARDIS, but the ship ejects the villain into the time vortex, leaving the crew holding on for their lives as The Doctor attempts to close its doors.

The Web of Fear
Location: London Date: Late 1960s

The Doctor and JamieThe Doctor saves himself and his companions, but the TARDIS is trapped in the time vortex by a strange web-like substance. When the ship is finally freed, it materializes in the London underground (some 30 years after The Abominable Snowmen). The Yeti robot which Professor Travers brought back from Tibet has been reactivated, and London is now under siege by an even more dangerous group of Yeti. Travers and his daughter Anne are working with Royal Army troops commanded by Colonel Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, and the Professor is happy, though puzzled, to see his friends, who haven't aged in the intervening years. One of the soldiers is being controlled by the Great Intelligence, who captures The Doctor and intends to drain his mind. The Doctor has reversed the settings of the Intelligence's equipment so it will be drained of its power, but his friends "rescue" him, and he is forced to settle for breaking the being's link to Earth.

The Two Doctors
Locations: Space Station J7, Spain Date: 1985

The Second and Sixth DoctorsAfter she receives a telepathic suggestion from the Time Lords, Victoria stays behind on Earth to study graphology. The Time Lords equip the TARDIS with a dual control system, and give The Doctor a Stattenheim remote control for the ship. The Time Lords send The Doctor and Jamie to Space Station J7, where The Doctor tries to convince his old friend Dastari to halt dangerous temporal experiments by scientists Kartz and Reimer. The station is attacked by Sontarans and The Doctor is apparently killed. Jamie escapes, and is later found by The Sixth Doctor and his companion Perpugilliam Brown. This Doctor learns that The Second Doctor's death was a hoax, and traces him to Spain. The Sixth Doctor rescues his earlier self, and together they stop the temporal experiments and preserve the Time Lords' secrets.

Missions for the Time Lords
Locations: See below Dates: See below

Shakespeare Genghis Khan Mao Zedong Lady Peinforte

The Doctor and Jamie perform other missions for the Time Lords (probably the Celestial Intervention Agency), details of which are unknown. They meet Shakespeare, a "dreadful actor" (Planet of Evil) who refuses to accept The Doctor's advice on mixed metaphors, and The Doctor pens the manuscript of Hamlet because the Bard has sprained his wrist writing sonnets (City of Death). The Doctor and Jamie have several missions in China, and meet Genghis Khan (The Daemons, Doctor Who TVM), visit the country in the late 15th century (The Doctor learned to speak Mandarin, Cantonese and other dialects: The Talons of Weng-Chiang), and, during the Long March of 1935-36, encounter Mao Zedong, who becomes a friend of The Doctor (The Mind of Evil; it is fortunate that the Chinese official to whom The Third Doctor mentions this friendship doesn't send The Doctor's photo to his government, since his changed appearance makes it unlikely that he'd be believed). During these missions The Doctor first becomes aware of the Tong of the Black Scorpion (The The Doctor in Egypt Talons of Weng-Chiang). Jamie and The Doctor encounter the Terrible Zodin (The Five Doctors, Attack of the Cybermen), and they are involved in the defeat of the Daleks on Mars in the 22nd century (Genesis of the Daleks). During another mission, The Drogue of Gabrielides offers an entire star system for The Doctor's head (The Sun Makers). The Master's desire to destroy The Doctor also dates from this period (Terror of the Autons, The Five Doctors). During an adventure in Egypt, a captain in Cleopatra's guard teaches The Doctor some of the finer points of fencing (The Masque of Mandragora) and Jamie and The Doctor visit the Pharos lighthouse (Logopolis). On another mission to Africa in 1942, The Doctor is wounded at El Alamein (The Sea Devils). In the 21st century, The Fifteenth Emperor of Draconia makes The Doctor a noble after he helps cure a space plague (Frontier in Space). The Doctor and Jamie encounter the Cybermen on Planet 14 (The Invasion), and are sent to England in 1638, where a Gallifreyan artifact called Nemesis tells the evil Lady Peinforte some of The Doctor's secrets. With the Cybermen fresh in his mind, and knowing that Nemesis might be of further use, The Doctor launches the artifact into space, and sets an alarm which later alerts his seventh incarnation to its return (Silver Nemesis). Following this, the dual controls are removed from the TARDIS, and Jamie's memory of these events is erased. The Doctor and Jamie pick up Victoria, who's been thinking about leaving them. Theoretically Speaking

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