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The Second Doctor


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"Ah, and about time, too!"

The Second Doctor's Early Adventures
Companions: Ben, Polly, Jamie McCrimmon, Victoria Waterfield
Major Enemies: Daleks, Cybermen, the Macra, Chameleons

The Power of the Daleks
Location: Vulcan Date: circa 2020

The Doctor, Ben and PollyPolly and Ben have difficulty believing that the stranger in the TARDIS is The Doctor, and Ben suspects that the man has somehow switched places with The Doctor they know. While The Doctor's first regeneration seems less difficult than some of those to come, there's still some initial instability, and the new Doctor's comment on one of his predecessor's passions is "The Doctor was a great collector", as if they were separate beings. When he prepares to leave the TARDIS after it lands on Vulcan, Ben challenges him for his apparent disregard for the safety precautions they learned from The First Doctor, only to find that The Doctor has checked the ship's instruments without them noticing, and that it's perfectly safe for them to go out. The Doctor witnesses a murder and assumes the identity of the victim, an Examiner from Earth who's been sent to check on a discovery made by the chief scientist of the colony here. The scientist, Lesterson, has found two dormant Daleks in a rocket which crashed in the planet's mercury swamp, and The Doctor is horrified to learn that he intends to reactivate them. The Daleks claim that they only want to serve the colonists, but they actually intend to use the colony's power to revive other Daleks hidden on their ship. The Doctor must expose their plans, solve the murder, and deal with civil unrest in the colony, as well as convince his companions that he really is The Doctor. He does all this, defeating the Daleks by sabotaging the colony's power source, though not before Lesterson and many others are killed.

Unrecorded Adventure
Location: Tibet Date: 1630

The TARDIS lands at the Det Sen monastery, and The Doctor and company help the monks fight off a series of attacks by bandits. Padmasambhava, the High Lama, entrusts The Doctor with the monks' ghanta, a bell which is their holy symbol (The Abominable Snowmen). Theoretically Speaking

 The Highlanders
Location: Scotland Date: 1746

Jamie and friend meet Polly and The DoctorThe TARDIS arrives in Scotland on April 16, 1746, just after the Battle of Culloden. The travelers become involved with a group of fleeing Scots which includes young piper Jamie McCrimmon. Armed with nothing but his wits, and a series of disguises which include an old washerwoman and an English soldier, The Doctor rescues a group of Scottish prisoners who are being sold into slavery in the West Indies by an unscrupulous English solicitor named Grey, and arranges for them to flee to France. Jamie, who's exposed himself to continuing danger from English troops by remaining behind to escort the travelers back to the TARDIS, is invited to join the crew provided he teach The Doctor how to play the bagpipes, a deal which is greeted with groans by Ben and Polly.

The Underwater Menace
Location: Atlantis Date: circa 1970

The Doctor, Jamie and BenThe TARDIS lands on a volcanic island, and the crew are captured by inhabitants of the lost city of Atlantis. The Doctor learns that scientist Herman Zaroff, who's been missing since the 1950s, is there, and convinces him to rescue them from being sacrificed to the Atlantean goddess Amdo. Zaroff intends to raise the city. The Doctor realizes that this plan will destroy the planet, and that Zaroff is insane enough not to care. The Doctor sabotages Zaroff's equipment after the scientist has launched his plan, and cuts Zaroff off from his control room. The mad scientist is killed during the ensuing flood, and the world is saved.

The Moonbase
Location: The Moon Date: 2070

CybermanThe Doctor and his companions arrive on Earth's moon, and find that a mysterious plague has affected several members of the crew of the Gravitron, a machine which controls Earth's weather. In addition, other crewmen have disappeared, and the machine itself is malfunctioning, threatening the Earth with its effects. The Doctor finds that the plague is caused by contamination of the base's sugar supply, and discovers that the Cybermen are the source of all the trouble. Ben and Polly come up with a solvent which will affect the plastic components of the Cybermen's chest unit, and give the humans a chance to fight back. The Doctor realizes that his old enemies are keeping the crew alive because they themselves are vulnerable to the effects of the Gravitron, and he and the crew reset the machine to focus on the Moon's surface, sending the Cybermen and their ship floating helplessly out into space.

The Macra Terror
Location: Unknown Date: Unknown

The Doctor and his companions arrive at an unnamed Earth colony which resembles a holiday camp, where unhappy residents have their attitudes adjusted so that they'll conform. The Doctor meets Medok, a dissident who has seen giant crablike creatures. These beings, the Macra, have taken control of the colony, and are using its inhabitants to refine the toxic gas which they breathe. The Doctor and Ben, who was temporarily controlled by the Macra, manage to thwart their plans, and the travelers leave before the grateful colonists have the chance to make The Doctor their new leader.

The Faceless Ones
Location: London Date: July 1966

Polly, Jamie, Ben And The DoctorThe TARDIS materializes on a runway at Gatwick Airport in London. While hiding from the airport authorities, Polly witnesses a murder. She and Ben are kidnapped, and The Doctor and Jamie discover that there have been many other disappearances. With the help of Samantha Briggs, whose brother is one of the missing tourists, they trace the victims to a charter company called Chameleon Tours. The company is operated by a race of aliens who have lost their identities as the result of a horrible accident, and who have kidnapped some 50,000 people to serve as templates for their new forms. The Doctor tracks down the Chameleon infiltrators, and comes up with an alternative solution to their problem. The rescued Polly and Ben discover that it's July 20th, the same day they left Earth with The Doctor (The War Machines) and decide to remain behind.

The Evil of the Daleks
Locations: London, Skaro Dates: 1966, 1866, Unknown

Jamie and The Doctor investigateThe Doctor and Jamie watch helplessly as the TARDIS is taken from Gatwick Airport. A series of clues (which The Doctor realizes are bait for a trap) brings them to the antique shop of Edward Waterfield, whose 19th century items are brand new. In a hidden room they find the body of a man who was killed by an energy weapon, and a photograph of The Doctor that couldn't have been taken on present-day Earth. They're overcome by gas, and awaken in the home of Theodore Maxtible in the year 1866. Maxtible and Waterfield have invented a time machine which uses mirrors and static electricity, and the mention of the power source alerts The Doctor to the presence of the Daleks, who've detected the experiments and seek The Doctor's help. The Daleks want to isolate the "Human Factor", a quality they say will improveThe Emperor Dalek their race. The Doctor is to perform a series of tests using Jamie, who's expected to rescue Waterfield's daughter Victoria, whom the Daleks hold hostage. The Doctor agrees, and when the tests are done he implants the Human Factor into three Daleks who begin to exhibit childlike qualities. The Daleks are recalled to Skaro, and take along Victoria and Maxtible, who expects to learn how to change lead into gold. They set a bomb to destroy the house but The Doctor, Jamie, and Waterfield escape using the time machine and arrive on Skaro (long after The Daleks' Master Plan). The Doctor meets the Emperor Dalek, who tells him that the true purpose of the experiment was for the Daleks to learn to reverse its effects and isolate the Dalek Factor, which will make them invincible. The Emperor intends to use The Doctor to travel through Earth's history and inoculate humans with the effect, and has brought the TARDIS to Skaro for this purpose. Maxtible is turned into a human Dalek, and The Doctor is scheduled to be next. Meanwhile the humanized Daleks have disrupted operations by questioning orders, and teaching other Daleks to do the same. The Doctor is apparently transformed, and convinces The Emperor that all Daleks must undergo the process so that the dissidents will be eliminated. The Doctor, not being human, was not affected by the procedure, and has reversed the machinery so that more Daleks are humanized. As civil war breaks out, Waterfield sacrifices his life to save The Doctor, who promises to look after Victoria. She leaves with Jamie and The Doctor, who hopes that this is indeed "the final end" of the Daleks.

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