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The Companions


The Eight Doctors

1 - Susan, Ian, Barbara, Vicki, Steven, Katarina, Sara, Dodo
2 - Polly, Ben, Jamie, Victoria, Zoe
3 - The Brigadier, Liz, Sgt. Benton, Jo, Captain Yates
4 - Sarah Jane, Harry, Leela, K-9, Romana, Adric
5 - Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Kamelion, Peri, Mel, Ace

Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart
First Appearance: The Web of Fear Final Appearance: Battlefield

Brigadier Lethbridge-StewartThe Brigadier, while not actually a traveling companion, was involved in more of The Doctor's adventures than any of his other allies. Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart was a colonel in the British Army when he first met The Second Doctor, who helped him defeat the menace of the Yeti and the Great Intelligence (The Web of Fear). By the time of their next encounter (The Invasion), Lethbridge-Stewart had been promoted to Brigadier, and placed in command of the British division of UNIT, the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce. He happily accepted the aid of The Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe against the Cybermen, and some time afterward, once he'd convinced himself of the newly-regenerated Third Doctor's identity, was glad to have his help on a regular basis (Spearhead from Space). While his relationship with this Doctor was often rocky, the two had a mutual respect which deepened into a lasting friendship. The Brig, as he was often called, was a bit rigid in his approach to problems, tended to do things by the book, and occasionally shot first and asked questions later (and he was often frustrated when the alien menaces he faced proved impervious to bullets). While he remained a stickler for military discipline, he learned to be more relaxed through his partnership with The Doctor, and even developed, or perhaps simply displayed, a sense of humor that had not been evident earlier in their relationship. Lethbridge-Stewart worked with The Doctor throughout his third incarnation, and was present when he regenerated into his new form (Robot). The Fourth Doctor, though not inclined to have the strong ties to one time period his predecessor had, thought enough of Lethbridge-Stewart that he left him a "space-time telegraph", which could be used to recall him if needed. The Brig used the device once (Terror of the Zygons), but this was his last encounter with The Fourth Doctor. Faced with increasing demands on his time, most of which involved meetings at UNIT HQ in Geneva, and a decrease in the number of alien incursions, the Brig retired in 1976, leaving orders that The Doctor's roadster, Bessie, be placed in storage (Mawdryn Undead, Battlefield). The Brig took a job teaching math at Brendon School, and suffered a nervous breakdown in 1977 which affected his memory. He met The Fifth Doctor in 1983, and together they learned the cause of the breakdown, and restored his health (Mawdryn Undead). Later in 1983, he attended a UNIT reunion, and was lifted out of his time, along with The Second Doctor, and forced to play the Game of Rassilon in Gallifrey's Death Zone. During the course of this adventure he also encountered the First, Third and Fifth Doctors (The Five Doctors). The Brig eventually retired from teaching and married his old girlfriend Doris. He was recalled to active duty in the late 1990s when The Doctor, now in his seventh form, appeared to help UNIT battle the menace of Morgaine. The Brig narrowly escaped death during this adventure when he faced Morgaine's demon, the Destroyer, and prevented it from destroying Earth (Battlefield).

Liz Shaw
First Appearance: Spearhead from Space Final Appearance: Inferno

LizDr. Elizabeth Shaw was the only one of The Doctor's assistants who never traveled in the TARDIS. She was a Cambridge research scientist with degrees in several fields, including physics and medicine. Liz was selected by the Brigadier to serve as UNIT's scientific advisor, but was quickly replaced in that post when The Doctor arrived on Earth and agreed to help UNIT (Spearhead from Space). While Liz learned a great deal from The Doctor, as a talented scientist in her own right she wasn't really suited to a supporting role as his assistant. After helping The Doctor and UNIT against the menaces of the Autons and the Silurians, and assisting him in the affairs of Mars Probe 7 and Project Inferno, she chose to return to her own research.

Sgt. Benton
First Appearance: The Invasion Final Appearance: The Android Invasion

Sgt. BentonSgt. Benton
was one of The Doctor's most reliable allies during his association with UNIT. Benton was a corporal when he first encountered The Second Doctor during the attempted Cybermen assault of the late 1960s (The Invasion). His performance in that affair led to his promotion to sergeant, and he was assigned to the Brigadier's permanent staff during the Mars Probe recovery (The Ambassadors of Death). Benton had a number of triumphs during his association with The Doctor, most notably the capture of The Master (The Daemons), and was fiercely loyal to the Brigadier, although aware of, and sometimes amused by, the Brig's occasional lapses into pomposity. Benton was a firm believer in The Doctor as well, and risked his career by allowing the Time Lord to escape custody during the affair of Operation Golden Age (Invasion of the Dinosaurs). He was promoted to Warrant Officer shortly after The Doctor regenerated into his fourth form (Robot), and was still serving with UNIT when that Doctor assisted them against the menaces of the Zygons and the Kraals (Terror of the Zygons, The Android Invasion). Benton retired from the Army in 1979, and at last account had gone into the used car business (Mawdryn Undead).

Jo Grant
Arrival: Terror of the Autons Departure: The Green Death

JoJosephine Grant joined UNIT after her influential uncle pulled strings to get her the job. She was assigned as The Doctor's new assistant, and they soon became fast friends. Jo was trained in escapology, a talent which she used on several occasions, and after falling under The Master's hypnotic influence during her first adventure (Terror of the Autons), took additional training to learn to resist his powers. In addition to serving as The Doctor's assistant, she was his traveling companion on his missions for the Time Lords during his exile, and met The Second Doctor during the adventure in which her Doctor finally regained his freedom (The Three Doctors). Jo was passionately interested in the social issues of the 1970s, especially the ecology, and she took a leave of absence to join Professor Clifford Jones in his work. During the course of their activities against Global Chemicals, she and Cliff, who reminded her of a younger, more accessible version of The Doctor, fell in love. She used her uncle's influence to get Cliff a research grant, and left UNIT to be with him (The Green Death).

Captain Mike Yates
First Appearance: Terror of the Autons Final Appearance: Planet of the Spiders

Capt. Yates
Another of The Doctor's UNIT allies, Capt. Yates assisted in the cleanup of the first Auton incursion, and was subsequently assigned as the Brig's second-in-command. Yates met The Third Doctor during The Master's alliance with the Autons (Terror of the Autons), and served with distinction in a number of UNIT actions, including the Dalek assault on a world peace conference (Day of the Daleks), and The Master's attempt to gain control of Kronos (The Time Monster). He went undercover during an investigation of Global Chemicals, and was temporarily controlled by the sentient computer BOSS (The Green Death). During a leave of absence to recover from this ordeal, he became involved with Operation Golden Age, and his concern for the damage that humanity was doing to the planet led him to betray The Doctor and his UNIT comrades (Invasion of the Dinosaurs). In light of his record, he was allowed to resign quietly, and he enrolled in a meditation center to sort out his life. While there, he became suspicious of the activities of Lupton and his followers, and alerted Sarah Jane Smith to the problem, thus redeeming himself for his betrayal (Planet of the Spiders).

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