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The Eight Doctors

1 - Susan, Ian, Barbara, Vicki, Steven, Katarina, Sara, Dodo
2 - Polly, Ben, Jamie, Victoria, Zoe
3 - The Brigadier, Liz, Sgt. Benton, Jo, Captain Yates
4 - Sarah Jane, Harry, Leela, K-9, Romana, Adric
5 - Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Kamelion, Peri, Mel, Ace

Sarah Jane Smith
Arrival: The Time Warrior Departure: The Hand of Fear

Sarah JaneSarah Jane was a young journalist who met The Third Doctor while impersonating her Aunt Lavinia, an eminent scientist, to get a story (The Time Warrior). After sharing his final adventures, Sarah was present when The Doctor regenerated into his fourth persona, and helped Lethbridge-Stewart convince him to stay on Earth to investigate a mysterious series of thefts of advanced technology (Robot). Along with Harry Sullivan, she accompanied The Fourth Doctor on a number of adventures, including his mission to Skaro at the time of the creation of the Daleks, and his first meeting in several years with the Cybermen (Revenge of the Cybermen). With Harry safely back on Earth, Sarah and The Doctor continued their travels, meeting such foes as Sutekh (Pyramids of Mars), Morbius (The Brain of Morbius), and the Mandragora Helix (The Masque of Mandragora). Sarah had a cheeky, irreverent attitude to life, and her personality was perhaps more suited to The Fourth Doctor than that of any of his other companions. She was a proponent of women's rights (The Monster of Peladon, Robot, and others). She was also a crack shot (Pyramids of Mars) and a capable fighter (K-9 and Company). She suffered from vertigo (The Five Doctors; this may have been the result of an incident in which a sadistic guard nearly dropped her to her death from a missile gantry: Genesis of the Daleks). Sarah left The Doctor rather abruptly following his recall to Gallifrey (The Hand of Fear), but his presence continued to be felt in her life. In 1981, while working on a book at her Aunt Lavinia's home in Moreton Harwood, she found a crate containing a gift from The Doctor, a mobile computer called K-9 Mark III. With K-9's help, she uncovered the mystery of a coven which was operating in the area (K-9 and Company). In 1983, she was timescooped into the Death Zone on Gallifrey, where, to her surprise, she was reunited with The Third Doctor, and forced to play the deadly Game of Rassilon (The Five Doctors).

Lt. Harry Sullivan
Arrival: Robot Departure: The Android Invasion

HarryHarry Sullivan was a Surgeon-Lieutenant in the Royal Navy who joined UNIT as medical officer during The Third Doctor's era. He was placed in charge of The Fourth Doctor's recovery from his regeneration, and found himself locked in a cupboard when he tried to prevent The Doctor from leaving in the TARDIS. He proved to be a capable ally, though, first when he indulged his James Bond fantasies by infiltrating the secret Think Tank complex, and later, when he helped The Doctor synthesize a "metal virus" which ended the menace of the K-1 robot (Robot). Harry joined the TARDIS crew accidentally when he entered the ship with The Doctor and Sarah and touched one of the controls. He and Sarah, whom he protectively referred to as "old girl", had several adventures with The Doctor, but after they returned to Earth and faced the menace of the Loch Ness monster (Terror of the Zygons), Harry decided to stay behind. He had another brief encounter with The Doctor (The Android Invasion), and was later seconded to NATO, where, according to the Brigadier, he was "last heard of doing something hush-hush at Porton Down" (Mawdryn Undead).

Arrival: The Face of Evil Departure: The Invasion of Time

LeelaLeela was a warrior of the Sevateem, a tribe descended from a Mordee survey team which The Doctor once tried to help (The Face of Evil). She was a creature of instinct, whose usual solution to problems was to attack them, either with her knife or with one of the poisonous janis thorns she carried. At first The Doctor tried to overcome her superstitious upbringing by teaching her the ways of science, and attempted to teach her civilized behavior, taking her to Earth's past to show her how her ancestors lived (The Talons of Weng-Chiang, Horror of Fang Rock). After the latter adventure, in which she gloated over the death of a Rutan scout, he seemed to resign himself to the idea that Leela would never be completely tamed, and for all his complaints about her methods, there's no denying that they served his purposes in most of their adventures. Leela was fond of K-9 Mk I, and it's fitting that when she left The Doctor, surprisingly remaining on Gallifrey when she fell in love with guard captain Andred, that the faithful robotic dog remained with her (The Invasion of Time). Leela and Andred were married, in what must have been an interesting ceremony, if we may judge from The Doctor's later comment that he was sorry to have missed it (Arc of Infinity).

Arrival (K-9 Mk 1): The Invisible Enemy
(K-9 Mk II): The Ribos Operation 
Departure (K-9 Mk 1): The Invasion of Time
(K-9 Mk II): Warrior's Gate

K-9K-9 Mark I was a mobile computer constructed by Professor Marius of the Bi-Al Foundation as both a database and a surrogate for the dog he'd left on Earth. Marius, who was going home soon after his encounter with The Doctor and Leela, gave K-9 to them after the dog, which was equipped with a laser in his nose, had proven invaluable in helping to defeat the Swarm (The Invisible Enemy). K-9 Mk I began to break down almost immediately, suffering from corroded circuitry, and being unsuited to the terrain in which many of The Doctor's adventures took place. The Doctor, who had already been secretly working on an improved model, allowed K-9 Mk I to remain on Gallifrey with Leela. K-9 Mark II was built by The Doctor, presumably after he obtained a set of blueprints from the first K-9's memory banks. While similar to his predecessor in most respects, the new version had better mobility, and its programming, improved by The Doctor, included the ability to sense danger. This K-9 assisted The Doctor and Romana during their search for the Key of Time, but began to suffer a series of malfunctions soon afterwards, including corrosion in his voice circuitry (Destiny of the Daleks), which the Doctor didn't fully repair until sometime after their adventure with his old friend Professor Chronotis (Shada). Soon after this, K-9 Mk II was shorted out when he was accidentally immersed in the English Channel (The Leisure Hive), and was further damaged during The Doctor and Romana's adventure on Alzarius (Full Circle). Finally, the computer was severely injured by the time winds surrounding the Gateway between E-Space and N-Space, a condition that could only be reversed if he remained behind in E-Space with Romana (Warriors' Gate). K-9 Mark III never served as The Doctor's companion. He was, instead, a gift to former companion Sarah Jane Smith, which The Doctor constructed using late 20th-century technology (thus avoiding the temporal paradox of creating the computer 30 centuries ahead of its time, which certainly would have gotten The Doctor into serious trouble). This K-9 and Sarah shared an adventure against a coven of witches (K-9 and Company). Their further exploits are undocumented, aside from an incident in which Sarah ignored K-9's danger warnings and left him behind on the day she was reunited with The Third Doctor (The Five Doctors).

Arrival: The Ribos Operation Departure: Warrior's Gate

The first RomanaThe second RomanaRomanadvoratrelundar was a young Time Lord assigned to help The Doctor in his search for the Key of Time by the White Guardian, who appeared to her in the guise of the Lord President of Gallifrey. Romana was a recent Academy graduate with no field experience, who often chided The Doctor for his disregard for proper procedure, especially when it came to operating the TARDIS. As their quest for the Key continued, she came to appreciate that The Doctor's unorthodox methods had their advantages. During their acquisition of the final segment of the Key, Romana was tortured by the Shadow, an agent of the Black Guardian (The Armageddon Factor). Soon after this, she regenerated, assuming the likeness of the Princess Astra of Atrios, the woman who had been that final segment. In this form, Romana acquired a quirky, dry sense of humor which made her more compatible with The Doctor, though she never quite lost the air of superiority which characterized her prior form. Romana and The Doctor shared a number of adventures, including one on the planet Skonnos in which she took the lead in their investigations, leaving The Doctor to assume the unfamiliar role of companion (The Horns of Nimon). Eventually the High Council became aware of her involvement with The Doctor and ordered her to come home, a prospect that filled her with dread, since she'd become used to being a free agent. While en route to Gallifrey, the TARDIS was swept off course into the pocket universe called E-Space. After a series of adventures there, which culminated in the Time Lords finding a way back to their own universe, Romana announced that she was staying in E-Space to help free the enslaved Tharils, a race of time sensitives. The Doctor gave her K-9 Mk II as a companion, and he and their new companion, Adric, left Romana and K-9 to find their destiny (Warriors' Gate).

Arrival: Full Circle Death: Earthshock

AdricAdric was a young native of the planet Alzarius who encountered The Fourth Doctor, K-9, and Romana soon after their arrival in E-Space. The boy, who didn't fit into the ordered Alzarian society, stowed away in the TARDIS after the death of his brother Varsh (Full Circle), and stayed with The Doctor when he returned to the N-Space universe after the departures of Romana and K-9. He got along well with The Fourth Doctor, perhaps because his curiosity and willingness to learn reminded The Doctor of himself as a boy. But as other companions joined the TARDIS crew, he felt neglected, and when The Doctor regenerated into his fifth persona, the problem became worse. The Fifth Doctor seemed to be reminded of his own childhood awkwardness and lack of social graces, and despite the affection he felt for the boy, he was frequently exasperated by him. Sadly, just as Adric and The Doctor were patching up their relationship, the boy became a pawn in The Doctor's ongoing struggle with the Cybermen. He remained on a freighter after its crew evacuated, in an attempt to prevent the ship from crashing into Earth. He failed, and died, never knowing that all of Earth's history would have changed had he succeeded (Earthshock).

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