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The Third Doctor


The Eight Doctors
"Intriguing, isn't it?"

 The Third Doctor's Adventures Continue
Companions and Allies: Jo, Lethbridge-Stewart, Benton, Yates, Sarah Jane Smith
Major Enemies: Omega, Ogrons, Daleks, BOSS, Sontarans

The Three Doctors
Locations: England, Anti-Matter Universe Date: 1972

Swirly Thing Alert: The Doctor and Jo in danger Gamekeeper Ollis vanishes after finding a weather balloon with equipment belonging to Dr. Tyler, a research physicist. Tyler gets in touch with UNIT, something he'd intended to do because of his tests, which show an unknown form of cosmic radiation. While The Doctor and Jo investigate, Tyler vanishes from The Doctor's lab. When Jo and The Doctor return, they're attacked by an energy form which apparently consumes Bessie. The Doctor realizes that Tyler was taken because he was in the lab, and that he is the being's intended target. UNIT HQ is attacked by gel creatures, and the Brigadier orders the building evacuated. The Doctor, Jo, and Sgt. Benton are trapped in the lab, and The Doctor ushers them into the TARDIS. The Doctor sends an emergency call to the Time Lords, who have their own problems. Their energy is being drained through a black hole, and they're unable to assist The Doctor directly. The Lord President decides to let The Doctor help himself, and orders that The Second Doctor be lifted out of his timeline (The Krotons). The Third Doctor finds a recorder on the TARDIS console, which is plucked from his hand by his predecessor, who's delighted to see his old friend Benton. The Doctors link minds so The Second Doctor can learn the situation, and the two begin to bicker about how to proceed. The President decides to retrieve The First Doctor (The Massacre) to mediate, but can't arrange a complete transfer. This Doctor is suspended in the time vortex in a protective bubble, and his communication with his later selves (whom he refers to as "a dandy and a clown") is limited. He advises them that the organism is a bridge to another dimension, and The Third Doctor decides to use it. Jo tags along, and they vanish. The Brig is surprised to see The Second Doctor, but is more concerned with finding a way to stop the creatures. Omega The Third Doctor and Jo arrive in a bleak landscape, find Bessie and Tyler, and are captured by the gel guards. The Second Doctor's attempts to calm the organism fail, and he, Benton, and the Brig retreat to the TARDIS, where he discovers that his recorder is missing. The First Doctor advises him to turn off the TARDIS's force field, and the ship and UNIT HQ are transferred through the black hole. Jo and Tyler are locked up, and The Doctor taken to their captor, Omega, the legendary engineer who gave the Gallifreyans the power to travel in time. Omega has been trapped for millennia in the anti-matter dimension, which he controls by force of will. Omega captures the new arrivals, but the Brig evades the guards and finds Ollis. Omega is angry to learn that he's captured two incarnations of The Doctor, and imprisons them. The Doctors pool their mental power to escape, and go to the singularity chamber which connects to the positive matter universe. The others escape from Omega's lair, find the Brig and Ollis, and head for UNIT HQ. Omega finds the Doctors, and angrily forces The Third Doctor to engage in mental combat. After he releases The Doctor, he explains that he's trapped in this dimension. Omega cannot leave unless he abandons control, and if he does so the dimension will collapse. He wants the Doctors to take his place. They discover that Omega's physical form has been destroyed, and that he is a being of pure will, who can never leave the anti-matter universe. They escape while he's dealing with this revelation, and return The Second Doctor, Tyler, and The Third Doctorto UNIT HQ. Along the way, they have an encounter with a creature called the Ergon, which The Doctor later refers to as one of Omega's less successful experiments (Arc of Infinity). They confer with The First Doctor, and realize they can use the TARDIS's force field generator to destroy Omega. The Second Doctor's recorder has become lodged in the generator. Omega allows The Doctor to move the TARDIS to his palace, and The Doctors convince him to let their friends return to Earth through the singularity chamber. The Doctors offer him the generator and recorder, but Omega angrily knocks them aside, triggering an energy surge. The Doctors flee in the TARDIS, and are returned to Earth, along with UNIT HQ. The energy creates a supernova which provides the Time Lords with a new power source. The earlier Doctors are returned to their own timelines. The Third Doctor explains that the recorder wasn't converted to anti-matter when the TARDIS came to Omega's realm, and the collision of matter and anti-matter caused the energy surge. He regrets tricking Omega, who was one of his childhood heroes. A new dematerialization circuit appears on the TARDIS console, and The Doctor's knowledge of time travel theory returns. The Time Lords have ended his exile, but much work remains to be done to get the TARDIS in working order.

Carnival of Monsters
Location: Inter Minor Date: Unknown

The Doctor tries to take Jo to the beautiful planet Metebelis 3 to celebrate the return of his freedom, but the TARDIS materializes in the hold of the S.S. Bernice, which vanished from the Indian Ocean in 1926. The ship is attacked by a dinosaur, and the travelers soon learn that its crew and passengers are repeating the same sequence of events. The Doctor discovers that a deck hatch, which the crew can't see, is held with anti-magnetic cohesion. The Doctor and Jo retrieve a device from the TARDIS to open the hatch. As they leave the hold, a giant hand comes through the ceiling and takes the TARDIS away. When The Doctor opens the hatch, he discovers they're inside a giant machine. He cuts through a wall, and he and Jo enter a cave, which leads to a swamp inhabited by ravenous monsters The Doctor identifies as Drashigs. The Doctor realizes that he and Jo are inside a miniscope, a device used to store miniaturized specimens, which The Doctor convinced the High Council to ban. Jo is captured by the crew, but The Doctor escapes from the miniscope and returns to his full size. The Shirna and Vorg Doctor learns that the scope belongs to a Lurman showman named Vorg, who is being held for questioning, with his assistant Shirna, by a tribunal of the planet Inter Minor. Two of the tribunal members plan to use the Drashigs to destroy their ruler. The Doctor intends to rescue Jo and the others by linking the scope to the TARDIS. After he builds the link, he returns to the scope to find Jo. The miniscope fails, and a Drashig escapes and kills a tribunal member. Vorg destroys the other Drashigs and operates The Doctor's device, restoring the scope's inhabitants to their proper places (since the Bernice was recorded as lost, it's likely that something happened after its return which kept it from reaching port). The miniscope is destroyed, and The Doctor and Jo leave, as Vorg tries another way of making a profit from the natives of Inter Minor.

Frontier in Space
Locations: See below Date: 26th Century

The TARDIS nearly collides with a freighter in hyperspace, but The Doctor materializes it inside the ship, which is attacked by what seems to be a Draconian cruiser. Jo believes that the ship's pilot is a Drashig, and he sees Jo and The Doctor as Draconians. They are taken hostage, and the ship is The Draconians interrogate The Doctorboarded by Ogrons, who steal its cargo and the TARDIS. The Doctor and Jo are transferred to an Earth battle cruiser, and are taken to Earth. The Doctor tries to convince Earth's president of their innocence, but her military commander, General Williams (who has fought Draconians before), refuses to believe him. There have been several attacks on Earth ships by Draconian cruisers, but the Draconians insist their ships are being attacked by Earth forces. The Prince of Draconia captures The Doctor, but he too does not believe the stories of hallucinatory enemies. The Doctor is recaptured by Earth troops, and is imprisoned on the Moon. Jo learns that The Master, who claims to be a commissioner from an Earth colony with a prior claim on The Doctor and Jo, is behind the attacks. The President agrees to turn them over to him, and after he retrieves The Doctor, they leave in his prison ship. The ship is captured by Draconians, but The Master sends a signal to his Ogron allies. The Doctor, who informs the Draconian emperor that one of his predecessors knighted The Doctor some 500 years before, attempts to convince him of what The Master is doing. The emperor's court is attacked, apparently by humans, and The Master is rescued. The Emperor believes The Doctor's story when he sees a captured "human" revert to Ogron form, and he sends The Doctor, Jo, and the Prince to warn Earth. They are attacked by The Master, and a docking party of Ogrons captures Jo. The others are rescued by an Earth cruiser, and Williams, who's learned that what he believed to be an act of treachery by the Draconians in the last war was the result of misinformation, accompanies them in pursuit of The Master, who has fled to the Ogron homeworld. The Master unsuccessfully tries to hypnotize Jo, and she's also able to overcome the effects of the device which causes the illusions. She escapes from her cell, and transmits a message which is intercepted by the ship carrying The Doctor and his allies. Jo soon learns that this was all a ruse by The Master, who wants The Doctor to find him. After being attacked by Draconians, The Doctor's ship arrives on the Ogron world. The group are attacked by Ogrons, who are frightened away by the appearance of a monstrous creature they regard as a god. The Master appears with his other allies, a squad of Daleks, who capture The Doctor, Williams, and the Prince. The Daleks leave the prisoners with The Master. Jo has stolen the illusion device, which The Doctor uses to convince their Ogron guard that they are actually Daleks, and the guard frees them. The Prince and the general escape, and The Doctor and Jo head for the TARDIS, which has been brought to the planet. They encounter The Master and a squad of Ogrons, and in the ensuing scuffle The Doctor is shot by The Master. Jo and The Doctor get into the TARDIS, and as the ship dematerializes The Doctor sends a message to the Time Lords.

Planet of the Daleks
Location: Spiridon Date: 26th Century

The Doctor is captured by the Daleks The Doctor collapses as the TARDIS materializes on Spiridon. Jo leaves to get help, and the ship is engulfed in a fungus which drains its oxygen supply. Jo enters a crashed spaceship and is found by two Thals, Taron and Vaber. When they are called away by a third Thal, Codal, she hides in a storage hold and observes as an invisible creature explores the ship. The Doctor has recovered, and is rescued by the Thals, who remove the fungus from the TARDIS. Jo is befriended by one of the invisible creatures, called Spiridons. The Doctor and the Thals discover that the Daleks are trying to learn the secret of invisibility, and he and Codal are captured. The other Thals debate the merits of blowing up the Daleks' base, but are interrupted by the crash of another Thal ship which was sent to rescue them. One of its crew warns them that an army of 10,000 Daleks is hidden on the planet. The Thals discover that Spiridon's interior contains a bizarre form of liquid ice, which can erupt from "ice volcanoes". The Doctor and Codal have escaped, and rescue the others from one of these eruptions. The Doctor discovers that the Dalek army is in suspended animation in an ice cave. Jo's Spiridon friend sacrifices himself to prevent the Daleks from releasing a bacteria which will kill all other life on the planet. After a series of escapes from the Daleks in which several Thals are killed, The Doctor and the others enter the Dalek city, where The Doctor intends to use the cave's temperature controls to seal the Dalek army in ice forever. He is thwarted by the Dalek Supreme, who's arrived to take charge of the operation. The Doctor then uses a Thal bomb to activate an ice volcano which traps the Dalek army and destroys the other Daleks. One of the Thals, Latep, has fallen in love with Jo and asks her to go to Skaro with him, but she refuses, and the Thals leave. The Doctor and Jo return to the TARDIS, pursued by the Dalek Supreme, who fails to prevent their escape.

Undocumented Adventure
Location: Karfel Date: Unknown

The Doctor and Jo arrive on Karfel, where they pass into legend after The Doctor saves the planet and reports an unscrupulous scientist for unauthorized experiments. The Doctor seems to have had another companion on this journey, but surviving records give no indication of this person's identity (Timelash).

The Green Death
Locations: UNIT HQ, Wales, Metebelis 3 Date: 1973

BessieIn the Welsh village of Llanfairfach, mines are closed by Global Chemicals, and the miners are protesting. A miner is found dead, his skin glowing green. UNIT is called to investigate, and to provide protection for Global, whose owner, Stevens, has powerful friends in the government. Global's activities are also coming under fire from Professor Clifford Jones, a Nobel Prize winner whose commune of scientists, called the Nuthatch by the locals, is investigating pollution caused by the company. Jo plans to go to Wales to join Jones, and refuses to help the Brig, who still allows her to travel there with him. The Doctor, disappointed by Jo's refusal to try another visit to Metebelis 3, goes alone, arriving in the wrong time period, and is attacked by the planet's inhabitants. He escapes, and brings back a blue crystal as a souvenir. Stevens maintains that Global's processes are non-polluting, but Jones disagrees. Jo investigates the mine, which she thinks is being used to dump the pollutants. She is aided by some of the miners, one of whom, Bert, is exposed to the chemical which killed the other miner. They're trapped in the mine when its sabotaged lift breaks down. Stevens, under orders from a mysterious BOSS, refuses the Brig's request to help rescue them, falsely claiming that Global does not have the equipment. While The Doctor and the Brig look for other equipment, Jo and Bert explore. Bert's condition worsens, and Jo proceeds alone. She finds a pool of green slime, which is infested with giant maggot-like creatures. The Doctor and another miner find Bert, who's taken back to the surface. The Doctor tracks down Jo, but they're trapped when a section of the roof collapses. They escape via a shaft which leads into Global's complex. At the Nuthatch, The Doctor observes that Jo is attracted to Professor Jones. He also sees that the scientists use the local fungus as food. After another maggot sighting, the Brigadier decides to seal the mines. Stevens receives a visitor from the government, who's actually Captain Yates, working undercover. Although the mine is sealed, the maggots find other routes to the surface, and they're impervious to conventional weapons. The Doctor decides that a biological weapon is needed, and breaks into Global to steal some oil waste, disguising himself as a milkman to infiltrate the complex, and then assuming the guise of a cleaning lady. He encounters an amused Yates, who tells him that there is a special lift, used only by Stevens, to the top floor. Jo, meanwhile, has spilled fungus powder on one of Cliff's slides, and attempts to make it up to him by capturing a maggot for study. Cliff finds that Jo's accident has shown him that the fungus neutralizes the infection, and may be a clue to the end of the menace. He finds Jo, but they are trapped in a cave when the RAF, who've been called in by the Brig, bomb the maggot swarm. The Doctor discovers that BOSS is a sentient computer which controls Stevens. The machine can't control The Doctor, and he escapes with help from Yates, who's captured. The Doctor and Sgt. Benton rescue Jo and the infected Cliff, who deliriously repeats the word "serendipity". Yates arrives, under control, and pulls a gun on The Doctor, who uses his blue crystal to free Mike from hypnosis. Yates returns to Global with the crystal, and after freeing one of Stevens' aides, discovers when BOSS's plan will take effect. While The Doctor continues to look for a solution, a commune member discovers that a maggot has died after eating fungus. The Doctor and Benton drive Bessie through the maggots, using the fungus to kill them. Back at the Nuthatch, The Doctor tells Jo that "serendipity" means "a happy accident" and she explains how she spilled the powder on Cliff's slides. The Doctor realizes that the fungus will cure the infection as well. After making sure that Cliff will be all right, he returns to Global, where he uses the blue crystal to free Stevens from BOSS's control. Stevens activates the computer's self-destruct sequence, and The Doctor escapes from the complex before it explodes. Back at the Nuthatch, Jo tells The Doctor that she has fallen in love with Cliff, who reminds her of The Doctor in many ways. She intends to marry him, and plans to use an expedition to the Amazon, arranged by the uncle who got her the UNIT job, as a honeymoon. The Doctor is saddened by her decision, but gives Jo the crystal as a wedding present. As the members of UNIT and the Nuthatch congratulate the happy couple, The Doctor slips out into the night and drives away in Bessie.

Unrecorded Events
Location: England Date: 1973

Following Jo's departure, there's a lengthy period of inactivity for UNIT. The Doctor begins work on a new vehicle (Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Planet of the Spiders), and learns to play cricket, becoming an accomplished slow bowler (The Ark in Space, The Hand of Fear). Theoretically Speaking

The Time Warrior
Location: England Dates: 1973, 12th Century

Sarah Jane and The DoctorSeveral prominent scientists disappear, and the Brig, who's arranged a secure facility for others, asks The Doctor to investigate. The Doctor meets journalist Sarah Jane Smith, who's infiltrated the facility by impersonating her Aunt Lavinia, an eminent virologist. The Doctor thinks the scientists have been taken through time, and sets up sensors to detect temporal disturbances. Another scientist, Rubeish, disappears, and when The Doctor uses his sensors he sees the ghostly traces of a Sontaran warrior. He follows the Sontaran in the TARDIS, unaware that Sarah, who thinks The Doctor is the villain, is in the ship. Sarah leaves the TARDIS after The Doctor's departure, and prevents an archer named Hal from shooting Irongron, the local robber baron. They're captured, and Sarah initially believes that she's been transported to an elaborate medieval theme park. She's questioned by the Sontaran, Linx, who soon realizes that she is a time traveler. Linx has crashed his ship near Irongron's castle, which he's using as a base while he makes repairs. He's providing weapons for the baron, and has kidnapped the scientists because Irongron's people aren't advanced enough to help him. He gives Irongron a fighting robot, which he tests against Hal, but The Doctor shoots the control from Irongron's hand, and the archer and Sarah escape from the castle in the confusion. The Doctor finds the scientists, and learns that they've been hypnotized, except for the near-sighted Rubeish. Linx appears and takes The Doctor prisoner, after refusing his offer of assistance. Linx confronts The DoctorRubeish releases The Doctor after Linx departs. Sarah, meanwhile, has met Hal's lord, Edward of Wessex, and convinced him to send men to kidnap The Doctor. Once The Doctor is brought to Edward's castle he convinces him, and Sarah, of his good intentions, and with the use of dummies, and smoke and stink bombs, helps defend the castle from an assault by Irongron. The Doctor proposes that they go on the offensive, and asks Edward's wife, Lady Eleanor, for ingredients to make a sleeping potion. He and Sarah disguise themselves as monks, and while The Doctor assists the scientists, Sarah slips the potion into the castle's evening meal. The Doctor uses his penlight to break the trance in which the scientists have been placed, and when Linx returns, he distracts him while Rubeish hits him in the probic vent at the back of his neck, a hole through which Sontarans ingest energy, and their only weak spot. The Doctor trusses up the Sontaran, and disguises himself as the robot to distract Irongron. The robber baron sees through the disguise, but The Doctor is rescued by Sarah, and they return to Edward's castle, intending to go back after the sleeping potion has time to work. Linx escapes from his bonds and begins his countdown. The Doctor returns to Irongron's castle with Sarah and Hal, and uses Linx's equipment to return the scientists to their own time. Hal is sent to wake up Irongron's men so they can flee the castle, which will be destroyed when the Sontaran ship takes off. Irongron has already awakened and confronts Linx, who kills him before he enters his ship. Hal returns to the workshop, and kills Linx by firing an arrow into his probic vent. The Doctor is unable to abort the countdown, and he, Sarah, and Hal escape from the castle just before it explodes.

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