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The Third Doctor


The Eight Doctors
"Steady on, Sarah Jane. I'm not exactly here by choice either, you know"

 The Third Doctor's Final Adventures
Companions and Allies: Sarah Jane, Lethbridge-Stewart, Benton, Yates
Major Enemies: Daleks, Ice Warriors, the Great One

Invasion of the Dinosaurs
Location: London Date: 1973

Sarah and The Doctor return to LondonThe Doctor and Sarah return and find London virtually deserted. They encounter looters, are attacked by a pterodactyl, and arrested. Their photos are sent to UNIT's field HQ, where the Brig and General Finch, who's in charge of the operation, have no idea why London is under attack by dinosaurs. After UNIT receives the photos, the Brig goes to pick up The Doctor and Sarah. They've escaped, and hidden in a warehouse, where they encounter a medieval peasant who vanishes. The Brig finds them and takes them to UNIT HQ, where Finch refuses to listen to The Doctor's theory that the dinosaurs, which also disappear, are being brought forward in time deliberately. The Doctor builds a weapon to stun a dinosaur, so he can monitor its disappearance and trace the power source behind the menace. Captain Yates is working with Whitaker and Butler, the men behind the dinosaur sightings, and warns them of The Doctor's plan. He is given a device which will neutralize The Doctor's stun gun, but when the scientists attempt to use a tyrannosaurus against The Doctor, he removes it, and the dinosaur is captured and taken to a hangar. Yates is instructed to sabotage The Doctor's equipment so that he can't trace the power source. Sarah remembers hearing about Whitaker's temporal theories, and approaches government minister Sir Charles Grover for help. Sir Charles tellsA stegosaurus is displaced in time her that the whereabouts of the discredited Whitaker are unknown. Finch arranges for Sarah to photograph the dinosaur, but she's trapped in the hangar as it wakes and breaks its chains. The Doctor saves her, and finds that the chains had been weakened and his equipment sabotaged. The Doctor theorizes that the power source is nuclear, and Sarah remembers that government buildings were equipped with reactors during the Cold War. She goes to Grover, who takes her to a reactor-equipped bunker under his office, where she learns that Grover's in league with Whitaker. She's hypnotized, and finds herself on a spaceship which allegedly left Earth three months earlier. She realizes this isn't true when she notices that a minor injury she sustained earlier hasn't healed, but the ship's crew, chosen from Britain's elite, decide that her briefing was faulty and she must be re-educated. The Doctor traces the power source, but Whitaker and Butler steer him away from the complex, and he escapes after being attacked by another pterodactyl. Grover decides The Doctor must be discredited, and sets a trap. Whitaker is supposed to meet him, but when The Doctor arrives, he is confronted by a stegosaurus, and Finch arrives to arrest him, claiming The Doctor is behind the menace. Sarah, with help from one of the spaceship's crew, escapes and find that the "ship" is part of the hidden complex. She returns to UNIT, where she learns that The Doctor was arrested, but has escaped, and that Finch has given orders he be shot on sight. (Sgt. Benton, who believes in The Doctor's innocence, allowed him to "overpower" him.) When Finch arrives Sarah tells him what she learned, and they go to Grover's office, where Finch pulls a gun on her and takes her back down to the base. Grover orders Whitaker to release a last group of dinosaurs, and Finch orders UNIT to evacuate London. Grover plans to use Whitaker's machine to turn back time and restore Earth to a "Golden Age" before mankind polluted it. He intends that he, his associates, and the "spaceship" crew, will remake the world (those on the spaceship believe they are heading for a New Earth and aren"t part of the plot). The Doctor and the Brig return to UNIT, where they discover that Mike Yates is a traitor. After they overpower him, they head for the power
The Doctor tampers with the machine complex. Sarah escapes from her cell and returns to the "spaceship". One of the crew summons Grover, who appears from one of the other "ships", and he overhears Grover gloating to Sarah. After Grover leaves, Sarah and the crew also leave the ship. The Doctor and the Brig arrive, and the Brig radios for reinforcements. Benton overpowers Finch, who's been monitoring their transmission, and sends troops. The Doctor and the spaceship crew confront Grover, but when the UNIT forces arrive, Whitaker takes advantage of the distraction and activates his machine, which places everyone but The Doctor in temporal stasis. The Doctor tampers with the machine, and when Grover and Whitaker try to stop him they vanish into the distant past, where they are certain to be killed by the dinosaurs. The Brigadier allows Yates to resign from UNIT rather than pressing charges against him. The Doctor decides that he and Sarah need a holiday, and he tempts her with his stories of the beautiful planet Florana.

Death to the Daleks
Location: Exxilon Date: Unknown

The TARDIS has a power failure while on the way to Florana, and makes an emergency landing. The Doctor investigates, and after a hostile encounter with natives, meets an expedition which is searching for parrinium, a mineral needed to cure a galactic plague. Their commander has been attacked by the native Exxilons, and is near death. Sarah, who's been looking for The Doctor, has entered the Exxilons' sacred city The City of the Exxilonsand been captured and sentenced to be sacrificed. To complicate matters, a Dalek ship has also been forced to land, and the Daleks, whose energy weapons don't work, agree to an alliance with the humans, since they also seek the parrinium. The group are captured by the Exxilons, though The Doctor delays the sacrifice of Sarah. The Daleks negotiate with the natives' high priest to buy time while Daleks on the ship test a projectile weapon system which will function despite the energy drain. When they succeed, they attack the Exxilons, and The Doctor and Sarah escape in the confusion. The human commander dies, and Galloway, senior member of the expedition, assumes command. He suggests that the humans and Daleks use the defeated Exxilons to do the mining for them, and the Daleks agree. The Doctor and Sarah, meanwhile, are being pursued by Daleks, and have heard a creature ahead of them which The Doctor surmises is the beast to whom Sarah was to be sacrificed. Sarah meets Bellal, a friendly Exxilon, who takes her into a side tunnel. The Doctor encounters the creature, a living root which discharges electrical energy. He escapes but a pursuing Dalek is destroyed. When The Doctor rejoins Sarah, Bellal helps them escape from another Dalek. He explains that the ancient Exxilons built the city, which became a living entity that expelled them. There are now two groups of Exxilons: those who worship the city, and Bellal's group, who wish to destroy it. An exploding DalekThe Doctor recognizes the city's markings and has seen similar runes in Peru. Meanwhile, the Daleks have given explosive charges to Galloway and Hamilton, who are to climb the city walls and destroy a beacon which they believe is the reason for the energy drain. The Doctor tells Sarah to make sure the humans are ready to leave when power is restored, and he and Bellal enter the city, pursued by Daleks. The Doctor and Bellal solve a series of deadly puzzles designed to keep intruders out, and The Doctor begins to rewire the city's controls. Sarah and Jill Tarrant, another expedition member, replace the parrinium in the sacks with ordinary rocks. Galloway and Hamilton set one bomb at the beacon, but Galloway keeps the other. As The Doctor finishes his work, the city creates guards to destroy them, but these are distracted by the pursuing Daleks, and Bellal and The Doctor escape as the city begins to die. The Daleks force Galloway and Hamilton to load the sacks onto their ship, and they leave when the beacon is destroyed. They intend to launch a plague missile to wipe out life on the planet, but Galloway has stowed away on their ship, and uses the other bomb to destroy it. The Doctor, Sarah, and the others watch as the City of the Exxilons dies.

The Monster of Peladon
Location: Peladon Date: Unknown

Azaxyr meets The Doctor The TARDIS arrives on Peladon fifty years after The Doctor's previous visit. The Galactic Federation is at war with Galaxy 5, and Peladon is a major source of the mineral trisilicate, desperately needed for the war effort. There is unrest among the miners, who believe the Federation equipment is unsafe, and Queen Thalira, daughter of King Peladon, must also contend with the apparent reappearance of the spirit of Aggedor, which has killed some miners. The Doctor and Sarah are captured, but are released when Alpha Centauri vouches for The Doctor. As the unrest continues Federation engineer Eckersley suggests that troops be called in. A squad of Ice Warriors arrives, and their commander, Azaxyr, places the planet under martial law, threatening to start executions if the miners don't return to work. Sarah, who's seen a mysterious figure in the refinery earlier, realizes it was an Ice Warrior, and that they were already on Peladon when Eckersley called the Federation. The Doctor, meanwhile, tries to convince Gebek, leader of the miners, to get his men to go back to work, while The Doctor finds a way to deal with the Ice Warriors. Ettis, another miner who's favored open revolt, attempts to use a sonic lance to destroy the citadel of Peladon. The Doctor tries to stop him, and Azaxyr, who's booby-trapped the lance, sees it explode, and assumes that both have died. The Doctor has survived and heads for the refinery, where he overhears a conversation between Azaxyr and Eckersley, who plan to sell the trisilicate to Galaxy 5. They're also behind the appearances of Aggedor, transmatting a statue linked to a heat ray which has caused the deaths. Sarah, who's also overheard the conversation, joins The Doctor and Gebek as they get into the room from which the statue is controlled. The miners start a revolt against the Ice Warriors, culminating in the death of Azaxyr, who's been holding Thalira hostage. Eckersley kidnaps the Queen, intending to use her as a shield while he escapes, but The Doctor uses the real Aggedor, whom he'd encountered earlier, to track him. The monster kills Eckersley, but is fatally wounded in the struggle. Thalira asks The Doctor to remain as an advisor, but he suggests she choose Gebek for the position. Alpha Centauri announces that Galaxy 5, low on resources without the trisilicate they planned to get from Peladon, wants to end the war, and The Doctor and Sarah leave.

The Five Doctors
Locations: England, Gallifrey Dates: Late 1973, Unknown

Soon after returning from Peladon,
The Doctor is driving in Bessie when he's captured by a time scoop. He arrives in a desolate landscape and rescues an older Sarah, who's been kidnapped from 1983. After some confusion as to why The Doctor is in this form, rather than the one with "teeth and curls" with whom Sarah had last traveled, they set off in Bessie. The Doctor realizes they're in the Death Zone on Gallifrey, and they head for the Tomb of Rassilon, where The Doctor believes they'll find answers. On the way The Doctor is hailed by a figure who he realizes is The Master in a new form. The Master claims he's been sent to help by the High Council and produces their seal, which The Doctor takes, believing it a forgery. He thinks The Master is setting a trap, and this seems confirmed when they are attacked by energy bolts. The Doctor and Sarah flee, leaving The Master to fend for himself. Bessie is disabled by an energy blast and they proceed on foot. They discover that they are being pursued by Cybermen. As they approach a cave in the mountains, The Doctor sees it is guarded by a Raston Warrior Robot, an immensely fast killing machine with built-in weaponry and sophisticated sensors which detect movement. He realizes the pursuing Cybermen will be a perfect distraction, and he and Sarah slip into the cave while the robot slaughters the Cybermen. While there, they take a metal cable and some of the robot's arrows. They climb a mountain which overlooks the Tomb, and The Doctor uses the cable and arrows to catch hold of its roof. Despite Sarah's vertigo, they slide along the cable and enter the Tomb. As they proceed Sarah is gripped by fear, and The Doctor, who's experiencing the feeling himself, scouts ahead. He finds Mike Yates and Liz Shaw, who tell him four of his other selves are waiting for him, but their behavior arouses his suspicions and he realizes they're illusions. He rejoins Sarah and they proceed to Rassilon's crypt, where The Doctor meets an older Brig (also from 1983), and, with his first and second selves, translates an inscription which gives them a clue to what's at stake. The First Doctor realizes how to deal with the Time Lord who brought them there, and Rassilon returns everyone to their proper timelines. Theoretically Speaking

Unrecorded Events
Location: UNIT HQ Date: Early 1974

The Doctor completes his new vehicle, adding an enclosed canopy and flight capabilities, and begins a project to study the psychic potential of humans (Planet of the Spiders), a study which may have been prompted after he noticed that Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart was briefly able to resist the will of the renegade Time Lord who brought them to the Death Zone (The Five Doctors). Whatever inspired the project, he apparently forgets it following his next regeneration.

Planet of the Spiders
Locations: England, Metebelis 3 Dates: March 1974, Unknown

Mike Yates has been at a meditation center since leaving UNIT. He's become suspicious of a group of acolytes led by Lupton, and asks Sarah to help investigate. Mike introduces Sarah to Cho-Je, the aide to abbot K'anpo Rimpoche, and to Lupton. He fakes her departure from the retreat, and convinces Tommy, a young retarded man who works there, to keep her presence secret. Sarah and Mike hide in the cellar, and watch Lupton's group as they summon an enormous spider, which attaches itself to Lupton's back and disappears. The Doctor and the Brig have been attending a variety show, and The Doctor convinces a mentalist named Clegg to assist in his experiments on psychic potential. Clegg claims his "powers" are an act, but The Doctor discovers his abilities are genuine, and include telekinesis and the ability to read objects for traces of psychic residue. Sgt. Benton arrives with a package, and Clegg determines that it contains the blue crystal The Doctor gave to Jo Grant. Jo has returned the gift because it frightened the Amazon natives she and Cliff Jones have encountered. Clegg looks into the crystal, and dies of fright. Sarah arrives and tells The Doctor about the center, and he's intrigued by the spider, since Clegg's last words concerned spiders. The spider determines the crystal's location, and Lupton comes to UNIT HQ and steals it. He leads The Doctor, Sarah and the Brig on a long chase before he disappears, materializing back at the center. Tommy, who has a fondness for shiny objects, steals the crystal. The Doctor and Sarah arrive, and while The Doctor talks with Cho-Je, Sarah overhears plans for another ceremony, and tells Tommy to alert The Doctor. She heads for the cellar, and as The Doctor gets there, Lupton disappears, followed by Sarah, who finds herself on Metebelis 3. The natives are slaves of the spiders, and when The Doctor follows Sarah in the TARDIS, he ends up fighting the Queen's guards, and is seriously injured. Back on Earth, Tommy, who's fallen asleep with the crystal, discovers he is suddenly able to read easily. While The Doctor recovers, Arak, a rebel leader, explains that his people are descended from an Earth expedition. The spiders were on their ship, and exposure to the blue crystals has mutated them into their current forms. Sarah and The Doctor are captured by the spiders, and Sarah is brought before the Queen, who claims to need the crystal on Earth to prevent her subjects from invading that planet. Sarah agrees to help, and after she is reunited with The Doctor, they return to Earth. The Great One confronts The DoctorThe Doctor has met the Great One, ruler of all spiders, who has demanded that he return the crystal he stole. Back on Earth, more spiders have appeared and are controlling the other acolytes. They attack Cho-Je, and Tommy runs to tell the Abbot what is happening. When The Doctor arrives, he's able to deflect the acolytes' attacks with a stone he picked up on Metebelis, and goes to meet the Abbot. K'anpo Rimpoche is a Time Lord, a hermit who was The Doctor's childhood mentor, and he now has the crystal. Sarah, who's controlled by the Queen, demands it be given to her, but The Doctor uses it to free her from control. K'anpo Rimpoche and The DoctorK'anpo tells The Doctor that since the trouble has been caused by his greed for knowledge, he must make amends by returning the crystal to Metebelis. As The Doctor leaves, the acolytes renew their attack. K'anpo regenerates into Cho-Je, who was a projection of his future self. Back on Metebelis 3, The Doctor is taken to the spiders by Arak and his men, who've fallen back under their control. He tells them that he is there to return the crystal to the Great One, and when Lupton protests, he is killed. The Doctor returns to the Great One's lair, and realizes her plan to use the crystal to make her omnipotent will destroy her. Though weakened by the radiation which fills her cavern, he manages to return to the TARDIS. As the Great One dies, the other spiders die with her (including those on Earth) and the humans are freed. Back at UNIT, Sarah asks the Brig for news of The Doctor, who's been missing for 3 weeks. The TARDIS arrives, and The Doctor, nearly dead from radiation, tells them he was lost in the time vortex, but the TARDIS brought him home. He collapses, and as the Brig and Sarah mourn him, Cho-Je appears and tells them The Doctor is not dead. He uses his abilities to enable The Doctor to overcome the damage to his body, and Sarah and the Brig watch in awe as The Doctor regenerates for the third time.

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