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"Well, having reached that brilliant conclusion, how about getting on with it?"

 The Third Doctor's Adventures Continue
Companions and Allies: Jo, Lethbridge-Stewart, Benton, Yates
Major Enemies: The Master, Axos, Azal, Daleks, Sea Devils

The Claws of Axos
Location: England Date: Early 1971

UNIT is visited by Chinn, a government minister, and Bill Filer, an American agent who's investigating The Master. Radar shows a spacecraft approaching Earth, which disappears before it can be hit by missiles. It lands near the Nuton Power Complex. Filer arrives ahead of UNIT, is captured, and finds The Master is also a prisoner on the ship. The Doctor, the Brig, Chinn, and others go aboard the ship and meet the Axons, a lovely race of humanoids who wish to replenish the craft's energy, and offer axonite, a substance Jo inside the Axon ship which mimics other elements, in exchange. The Doctor points out that with this miracle substance they shouldn't have run out of fuel, but is overridden by Chinn, who wants Britain to have a monopoly on axonite. The Doctor wants to study the element, and has the TARDIS brought to Nuton, hoping that the substance may give him a way to escape his exile. The Axons free The Master so he can arrange worldwide distribution of axonite, which will actually drain Earth's energy. He's agreed to help them in exchange for his freedom, and a chance to destroy The Doctor. While analyzing axonite, The Doctor realizes the ship and the Axons are all parts of a single organism which absorbs energy when it reaches lightspeed. The Doctor and Jo are captured by the Axons, who force him to reveal the theory of time travel. They overload the reactor to get power for this, and the Brigadier must ask The Master for help. The Master uses the TARDIS to absorb the energy, and when he uses the power to attack the Axon ship, The Doctor and Jo escape. The Doctor apparently teams up with The Master, and he offers to give time travel to Axos in exchange for their promise to attack the Time Lords. He links the TARDIS to Axos, and throws it into a time loop as The Master escapes. The Doctor breaks out of the loop, leaving Axos trapped, and admits to the Brig and Jo that he cannot escape from Earth while the Time Lords' edict is in force.

Colony in Space
Locations: UNIT HQ, Exarius Dates: 1971, 2472

The Master has stolen the Time Lords' data on the Doomsday Machine, and they send The Doctor and Jo to Exarius, the planet where the device was invented. They're soon caught up in a dispute between colonists, led by Robert Ashe, and a group from the Interplanetary Mining Corporation, whose operations will make the planet unfit for agriculture. Complicating things are the planet's natives, the Primitives, and attacks on colonists by giant lizards. The Doctor learns that these are being faked by IMC's crew. Ashe and Captain Dent of IMC have called in an Adjudicator from Earth to settle the question of the planet's ownership. Jo is captured by Primitives and The Doctor goes to their city, where he learns that they've regressed from a powerful society into a culture which makes sacrifices to a machine. The machine's Guardian, impressed by The Doctor's intelligence, frees him and Jo. When they return to the colony they find that The Master, posing as the Adjudicator, has ruled in favor of IMC, and is trying to learn more about the Primitives. The Master captures them, and forces The Doctor to take him to the city. He explains that the Primitives built the Doomsday Machine, and that the test which convinced them not to use it created the Crab Nebula. He intends to use the device to hold the galaxy hostage. The Guardian realizes The Master does not deserve such power, and shows The Doctor how to destroy the machine. Ashe sacrifices his life so the colonists can defeat the IMC group. The Master escapes, and The Doctor and Jo return to UNIT HQ.

The Daemons
Location: England Dates: April 30-May 1, 1971

Azal's gargoyle menaces The Doctor and JoOn the night of the pagan festival Beltane, Professor Horner plans to open an ancient barrow near Devil's End. The Doctor and Jo see a broadcast in which the local white witch, Miss Hawthorne, attempts to prevent the dig. The Doctor agrees with her, and he and Jo head for the village, arriving too late to stop Horner, who's killed by the energy released when the barrow is opened. The Doctor has fallen into a coma, and Jo calls in Yates and Benton, who fly to Devil's End after failing to reach the Brig. They see giant hoof prints near the village. When The Doctor revives, he discovers that a heat barrier surrounds Devil's End. He learns from Miss Hawthorne that the new vicar, Mr. Magister, is involved in these events, and he realizes that he is once again facing The Master ("Magister" is Latin for "Master"). Jo and The Doctor go to the barrow, and narrowly escape from a gargoyle after they find a spaceship buried there. The Master intends to use its occupant, a member of an ancient race called Daemons who inspired much of human mythology, in his latest bid for power. The Daemon, Azal, is considering The Master's request to pass on his power, but wants to meet The Doctor so that he may decide which of the Time Lords deserves this gift.
Jo, The Doctor and The Master await Azal's decisionThe Brigadier has arrived with more troops, and The Doctor works with Sgt. Osgood to develop a device to cut through the barrier. Villagers controlled by The Master capture The Doctor as he returns to town, but he convinces them to release him, thanks to some timely assistance from Miss Hawthorne and Benton, who make it appear that The Doctor has magical abilities. The Brigadier and his men have broken through the barrier, and the device begins to drain Azal's power, but it explodes when the power proves too great. Jo has been captured by The Master, but is released by Azal when The Doctor arrives. The Daemon has decided to give The Doctor his power, but offers it to The Master when The Doctor refuses. Azal decides to kill The Doctor, but Jo offers herself in his place, and the act of self-sacrifice confuses the Daemon, who loses control of the power and destroys himself and the village church. Benton finally succeeds in capturing The Master, thanks to a remote control device which The Doctor has installed in Bessie.

Unrecorded Events
Location: England Date: Summer 1971

The Doctor continues to work on the TARDIS (Day of the Daleks). He also testifies at The Master's trial, a proceeding closed to press and public, and his eloquent defense of his old friend is largely responsible for the tribunal's sentence of life imprisonment, instead of the death penalty (The Sea Devils).

Day of the Daleks
Location: England Dates: September 1971, alternate future

The Daleks confirm The Doctor's identityThe Doctor helps investigate an attack on Sir Reginald Styles, host of the next peace conference. He learns that guerillas from the future want to kill Styles, whom they hold responsible for a bomb which destroyed the conference. This event created their timeline, an alternate future in which the Daleks conquered Earth (a century before the events of The Dalek Invasion of Earth). Jo is transported to this future, and when The Doctor follows, he's captured by Ogrons, the ape-like humanoid slaves of the Daleks. The Daleks, who don't recognize The Doctor in this form, probe his mind, and learn that he is indeed their greatest enemy. The Controller, the human "ruler" of Earth, who has befriended Jo, convinces the Daleks to let him interrogate The Doctor. Jo and The Doctor are rescued by the guerillas, and he realizes the conference was actually destroyed by one of the rebels. The Controller allows them to escape back to the 20th century, and is exterminated by the Daleks. The Doctor convinces The Brigadier to evacuate the diplomats before the Daleks attack, and tells Shura, a rebel still in this time, the truth about what is happening. Shura detonates his bomb, destroying the Daleks and Ogrons, and the conference is saved.

The Curse of Peladon
Locations: UNIT HQ, Peladon Dates: 1971, Unknown

The Doctor hypnotizes AggedorAs The Doctor and Jo work in the TARDIS, the Time Lords send the ship to Peladon, which has applied for membership in the Galactic Federation. The Doctor is mistaken for the Earth delegate, and he and Jo meet King Peladon, and the other delegates, Alpha Centauri, Arcturus, and the Ice Warrior Lord Izlyr and his aide Ssorg. The Doctor saves them from being crushed by a statue of Aggedor, the sacred beast of Peladon's legends. Arcturus is also attacked separately, but is rescued by The Doctor. He suspects his old enemies, the Ice Warriors, of being behind the attacks, but Jo discovers that they are innocent. During his investigation The Doctor violates the Temple of Aggedor and is sentenced to trial by combat with Grun, the King's champion. Hepesh, the High Priest, offers to help The Doctor escape, and gives him a map of the tunnels under the palace. This leads The Doctor to the real Aggedor, but he hypnotizes the beast with a Venusian lullaby and a spinning mirror attached to his sonic screwdriver. The King does not believe that Aggedor is real and orders the combat to proceed. The Doctor defeats Grun, sparing his life, and Ssorg kills Arcturus, who was about to shoot The Doctor. Hepesh, who had plotted with Arcturus, attempts a revolt, but The Doctor brings Aggedor to the throne room and the creature kills the traitorous priest. The Doctor and Jo leave just before the real Earth delegate arrives.

The Sea Devils
Location: England Date: 1972

The Doctor is menaced by a Sea DevilThe Doctor and Jo visit The Master in prison. Trenchard, the prison governor, mentions that several ships have sunk in the area, and The Doctor investigates. He's arrested and taken to see Captain Hart at the naval base H.M.S. Seaspite. Hart is convinced of his good intentions when Jo arrives with their UNIT IDs. The Doctor and Jo visit a sea fort which he believes may hold a clue to the sinkings, and they find a caretaker ranting about Sea Devils. The Doctor encounters one of the creatures, which are related to the Silurians, and drives it away. Back at the naval base, Jo sees The Master dressed as a naval officer. They return to the prison, where The Doctor learns that The Master has been using Trenchard, and is stealing parts from the base to build a machine to control the Sea Devils. Jo and The Doctor avoid capture by the creatures. Hart has ordered a submarine to investigate the fort, but it is disabled and captured by the Sea Devils. The Doctor goes down in a diving bell, and he too is captured. The Master summons a group of Sea Devils, who free him from prison and kill Trenchard. He arrives at the reptiles' base and finds that The Doctor is attempting to convince their leader to seek peace. This attempt is ruined when the navy drops depth charges, but The Doctor escapes, along with the sub's crew. The Sea Devils want The Master to revive more of their people, and they recapture The Doctor when they attack the naval base to get more electronic parts. The Master wants The Doctor's help in reviving the creatures, but The Doctor sabotages his device by reversing the polarity of the neutron flow. The Doctor and The Master escape from the Sea Devils' lair just before it is destroyed, and The Master steals a hovercraft and retains his freedom.

The Mutants
Locations: UNIT HQ, Solos Dates: 1972, 30th Century

The Time Lords send a message container, a device which only opens for its intended recipient, to The Doctor, and he and Jo use the TARDIS to deliver it. They arrive on Skybase One, which orbits Solos. The planet is about to be freed by the Earth Empire, a decision The Marshal commanding the base disagrees with. He hates the Solonians and plans to destroy them by altering the planet's atmosphere. The Doctor discovers that the message is intended for Ky, leader of the Solonian rebels. With the help of Professor Sondergaard, The Doctor discovers that the Solonians undergo a natural mutation which the Marshal's plan has accelerated. The Doctor prevents the planet's atmosphere from being altered, and Ky, who has mutated into a super-being, kills the Marshal.

The Time Monster
Locations: England, Atlantis Dates: September 1972, circa 1500 BC

The Doctor and Jo track The Master's TARDISThe Doctor has a dream in which he sees The Master with a crystal of power. When Jo wakes him with news of volcanic eruptions near the site of Atlantis, he's convinced the dream is a clue to The Master's latest plan. He builds a device to trace his enemy, and turns down the Brig's invitation to witness Professor Thascales' demonstration of TOMTIT (Transfer of Matter Through Interstitial Time) at the Newton Institute. Thascales is really The Master, who intends to use the device, powered by the crystal, to control Kronos, one of the legendary Chronovores (time-eaters). The Doctor tracks down The Master, and despite his enemy's use of TOMTIT to create distractions, pursues him, materializing his own TARDIS inside The Master's. (This also encases The Master's TARDIS inside his own.) The Master frees his TARDIS, and ejects The Doctor into the time vortex. The Doctor saves himself (using his training in vortex-walking: Shada) and uses the TARDIS's telepathic circuits to tell Jo to activate the ship's "extreme emergency" switch, which pulls him into the ship (this is the use of the ship's tractor beam "12 years ago" which The Fourth Doctor later mentions to Romana: The Creature from the Pit). When The Doctor and Jo arrive in Atlantis, they learn that The Master is attempting to gain power by romancing the queen, Galleia. After a battle with a minotaur, they are imprisoned in a dungeon, where the dying King Dalios begs The Doctor to save his people. The Master has been crowned as king, but Galleia turns against him when The Doctor reveals the villain's part in her husband's death. Krasis, an Atlantean priest who's been coerced into serving The Master, activates TOMTIT, and Kronos begins to destroy Atlantis. The Master takes the crystal, intending to flee in his TARDIS, and is attacked by Jo, whom he overpowers and takes along. The Doctor follows, intending to use his own TARDIS to destroy The Master's by Time Ram (a deliberate attempt to materialize a TARDIS in the same co-ordinates as another TARDIS), but can't bring himself to do so, since Jo will also die. Jo decides to make the sacrifice, but the two time machines end up in a void, where the now-recovered Kronos thanks The Doctor for her release. The Chronovore intends to punish The Master, who escapes while The Doctor pleads with Kronos to spare his enemy.

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