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The Companions


The Eight Doctors

1 - Susan, Ian, Barbara, Vicki, Steven, Katarina, Sara, Dodo
2 - Polly, Ben, Jamie, Victoria, Zoe
3 - The Brigadier, Liz, Sgt. Benton, Jo, Captain Yates
4 - Sarah Jane, Harry, Leela, K-9, Romana, Adric
5 - Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Kamelion, Peri, Mel, Ace

Arrival: The Keeper of Traken Departure: Terminus

NyssaNyssa was the daughter of Tremas, one of the Consuls of Traken. She helped The Fourth Doctor and Adric in their apparent victory against The Master, but learned soon after being brought to Logopolis by the mysterious Watcher that the villain had saved himself by taking over her father's body (The Keeper of Traken, Logopolis). She was the first of The Doctor's companions to realize that the Watcher was a future projection of The Fifth Doctor, and aided the Time Lord's new persona in another battle against The Master (Castrovalva). Orphaned, and with her homeworld destroyed by the renegade, she chose to remain with The Fifth Doctor for a series of adventures which included a meeting with her double, Ann Talbot, on 1925 Earth (Black Orchid), and a visit to Gallifrey in which she bravely attempted to prevent The Doctor from being executed by the High Council (Arc of Infinity). Her finest hour came in her last adventure, when she chose to remain on the space station Terminus and use her scientific abilities to find a cure for the dreaded Lazar's Disease (Terminus).
Tegan Jovanka
Arrival: Logopolis Departure: Resurrection of the Daleks

TeganTegan was an Australian who was on her way to Heathrow Airport to begin a job as an airline stewardess when she and her Aunt Vanessa had a flat tire. Tegan entered the TARDIS, believing it to be a police box, and was inadvertently taken to Logopolis by The Fourth Doctor. Despite her grief at the murder of her aunt by The Master, she proved to be a capable ally during the crisis of The Doctor's regeneration (Logopolis, Castrovalva). With the crisis past, however, she wanted to be returned to Earth as soon as possible, and many of her early adventures with The Doctor were the result of his inability to steer the TARDIS back to her own time. During an adventure on the Kinda homeworld she was possessed by the Mara, an evil being which used her to cross into the real world, and whose hold wasn't completely broken until a later adventure on the planet Manussa (Kinda, Snakedance). Between these adventures, though, she was finally returned home, only to find that she had lost her job, and was happy to rejoin The Doctor and Nyssa following their battle against Omega (Arc of Infinity). She was initially suspicious, with good reason, of their new companion Turlough, but had made her peace with him by the time of The Doctor's encounter with his earlier selves in Gallifrey's Death Zone (The Five Doctors). Tegan stayed with The Doctor for several more adventures, but left abruptly after the bloody events of the latest battle in his ongoing struggle with the Daleks (Resurrection of the Daleks).
Arrival: Mawdryn Undead Departure: Planet of Fire

TurloughVislor Turlough was a political exile from the planet Trion, sentenced to spend his days on Earth in the English public school at which the retired Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart was a teacher. He was recruited by the Black Guardian, who was seeking revenge against The Doctor. Over the course of three adventures, Turlough came to realize that The Doctor was a good man, and ultimately chose to reject the Guardian and remain with The Doctor (Enlightenment). Turlough, while a bit devious and underhanded, was a capable companion, providing a valuable clue in The Doctor's encounter with the Tractators (Frontios), acquitting himself bravely against the Daleks, and saving the life of Peri Brown (Planet of Fire). During this adventure, Turlough was reunited with his brother Malkon, and chose to return home to Trion after learning that his family's political crimes had been pardoned.
Arrival: The King's Demons Death: Planet of Fire

KamelionKamelion was a shape-shifting android which helped The Master escape from the planet Xeriphas. The villain used Kamelion, in the guise of King John, in an attempt to alter English history (The King's Demons), but was thwarted by The Doctor, who took the android with him. Kamelion spent most of his time exploring the TARDIS and learning about its systems. He had a mind of his own, but could be controlled by a superior intellect. Sadly, The Master regained control of Kamelion and used him in another of his convoluted schemes. Kamelion, who realized that his inability to prevent himself from being used was a constant source of danger, asked The Doctor to kill him, and the Time Lord reluctantly complied (Planet of Fire).
Peri Brown
Arrival: Planet of Fire Departure: The Trial of a Time Lord

PeriPerpugilliam Brown was an American botany student who became swept up in an adventure with The Doctor and Turlough during her summer vacation. She helped them against The Master, and stayed with The Doctor after Turlough's departure (Planet of Fire). Peri nearly died of spectrox poisoning while a prisoner of the demented Sharez Jek, but was rescued by The Doctor, who valiantly sacrificed himself so that she could have the antidote (The Caves of Androzani). To her, and his surprise, The Doctor regenerated into a new form, and for a while it seemed that the unstable Sixth Doctor would be as great a menace to Peri as the villains she'd already faced (The Twin Dilemma). As The Doctor settled down, he and Peri became an excellent team, although his personality quirks continually surprised her. Peri seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time as an object of desire for the villains they encountered, whose appetites ranged from the carnal (Caves, Dilemma, and Timelash) to the carnivorous (The Two Doctors). Following a series of adventures which included a run-in with the alien businessman Sil, a rematch with The Master, and a meeting with The Second Doctor and Jamie, she and The Doctor became involved in another encounter with Sil, whose people were funding experiments in brain transfer. The precise details of this adventure are a subject of some debate, since the only available information, recordings from the Time Lord Matrix, were tampered with by The Valeyard, who was, allegedly, a projection of The Doctor's evil impulses. The recordings shown during The Doctor's trial indicated that Peri's body was used to house the brain of Sil's employer Kiv, who was then killed by the alien warlord Yrcanos, a puppet of the Time Lords. Later testimony by The Master revealed that Peri survived to become Yrcanos's queen, and since, for all his faults, The Master seemed to admire Peri's spirit and determination, it seems likely that this was Peri's true fate (The Trial of a Time Lord).
Melanie Bush
Arrival: Unrecorded Adventure Departure: Dragonfire

MelMelanie, usually called Mel, was a computer programmer from Pease Pottage whose first encounter with The Doctor (from her viewpoint) is unrecorded. The Doctor's first glimpse of Mel (from his viewpoint) was in a Matrix projection of a future adventure in which they battled the Vervoids, an artificial plant-based lifeform. After The Valeyard used this as evidence against The Doctor in his trial, Mel, along with Sabalom Glitz, an alien rogue who'd had a run-in with The Doctor and Peri, were captured by The Master and produced as witnesses in The Doctor's behalf. After the trial ended Mel departed with The Doctor, who returned her to her own timeline (presumably avoiding an encounter with his future self). Eventually, The Doctor met Mel for the first time (from her viewpoint), and they shared a series of adventures, including the one with the Vervoids, before he regenerated into his seventh persona (Time and The Rani). After accompanying The Seventh Doctor through his first four adventures, Mel chose to remain behind on Iceworld to keep an eye on their old friend Sabalom Glitz (Dragonfire).
Arrival: Dragonfire Departure: Unrecorded Adventure

AceAce was a rebellious teenager from Perivale who was swept up by a timestorm and deposited on Iceworld, where she met Sabalom Glitz, Mel, and The Seventh Doctor (Dragonfire). Ace, whose real name was Dorothy, was a budding young anarchist with a talent for making explosives, most notably the notoriously-unstable Nitro 9. She adored The Doctor, whom she usually called Professor, and was of great help to him in a variety of battles including encounters with the Daleks and Cybermen. The Brig, who met her during a struggle with the alien sorceress Morgaine, was impressed enough with her to concede that she was capable of looking after The Doctor (Battlefield). The Doctor put Ace through a series of tests designed to make her face her fears and inadequacies, and they eventually learned that she had been deliberately sent to Iceworld as a pawn of one of his most ancient enemies (The Curse of Fenric). With Fenric disposed of, Ace and The Doctor paid a visit to Perivale, where they became involved in The Master's latest scheme (Survival). Following The Master's defeat, Ace and The Doctor headed off for further adventures in the TARDIS, which she had come to think of as home. At this point, accounts of Ace's further exploits vary. There's evidence of a visit to Britain in the 18th century, where she sat for a portrait which would later hang in Windsor Castle (Silver Nemesis), and we definitely know that Ace left The Doctor before the final adventure of his seventh persona (Doctor Who TVM). Some historians believe she became disenchanted with The Doctor and left him to become a mercenary, though they eventually reconciled before she stayed behind in 19th century Paris. Others think she died bravely in battle. Yet a third contingent believes that she was enrolled at the Time Lord academy in a deliberate attempt by The Doctor to shake things up on his homeworld. Perhaps The Doctor, who has always maintained his own mysteries, has deliberately done the same with his beloved protégé, and even now, somewhere, she fights evil, and faces the universe, on her own terms.

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