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"Oh please, don't call me human. Just Doctor will do very nicely, thank you"

The Fourth Doctor's Adventures Continue
Companions and Allies: Sarah Jane, Harry, Benton, Leela
Major Enemies: Sutekh, Morbius, the Krynoid, the Mandragora Helix, Eldrad, The Master

Pyramids of Mars
Locations: England, Egypt, Mars Date: 1911

The Doctor muses on EternityThe TARDIS is pulled off course, and lands in a priory which occupies the site later used for UNIT HQ. The house belongs to renowned Egyptologist Marcus Scarman, who's sent back relics from his latest expedition and placed a caretaker named Namin in charge. Namin has refused entry to Scarman's friends, but Dr. Warlock barges in and threatens to call the authorities. Namin sends his servants, service robots in the guise of mummies, after Warlock, and The Doctor and Sarah attempt to help. Warlock is wounded. Sarah finds Laurence Scarman, The Doctor is tortured by SutekhMarcus's brother, and The Doctor carries Warlock to his cottage. Namin summons the servitor of Sutekh, who's assumed Marcus's form, and the servitor kills him. Marcus has discovered the tomb of Sutekh, last survivor of a powerful alien race called Osirans who were worshipped as gods by the ancient Egyptians. Sutekh has been imprisoned for centuries, and the prison is controlled by a radio beacon transmitted from Mars. Marcus orders the mummies to build a rocket to destroy the beacon. Warlock is killed by a mummy, and while The Doctor and Sarah try to bring down the force field which surrounds the area, Marcus kills Laurence. The Doctor, disguising himself as a mummy, sets an explosive at the rocket's base, which Sarah uses a rifle to detonate. Sutekh stops the blast by mental force, and The Doctor travels to his prison via a space-time tunnel which is disguised as a mummy case. He distracts Sutekh, and the rocket explodes, but the "god" takes control of The Doctor and forces him to take Marcus to Mars. Sarah has stowed away in the TARDIS, and together they go through the maze of traps which guards the control center. Marcus destroys the control, but The Doctor, realizing he has time to reach Earth before the radio signal cuts out, returns to the priory and sets a trap for Sutekh. The Osiran is sent forward to the end of time, and dies in the space-time tunnel. The energy feedback from the tunnel starts a fire which destroys the priory.

The Android Invasion
Locations: Oseidon, England Date: 1975

The TARDIS arrives near Devesham, which Sarah visited while doing a story. The Doctor and Sarah are attacked by men in protective suits, and see a UNIT corporal throw himself off a cliff. The village is deserted but as they investigate, a group of people, including the dead soldier, arrive and carry on as if nothing strange is happening. The Doctor goes to the nearby Space Defense Station, and meets astronaut Guy Crayford, who has him arrested. Sarah learns that the men in protective suits are androids, and when she returns to the TARDIS and inserts the key, the ship dematerializes. She goes to the Station, and, to her relief, finds The Doctor. She helps him escape, and as they evade their pursuers (who include Benton and Harry), Sarah tells The Doctor that Crayford's ship, the XK5, disappeared two years ago. They split up, and Sarah is captured. Crayford is working for Styggron, a Kraal scientist who plans to use his androids to invade Earth. Sarah is duplicated and sent to The Doctor, but the android gives itself away and The Doctor, who's realized they're not on Earth, escapes. He returns to the village, but is captured by Styggron and tied to a column in the village square. Styggron's tests are completed, and he
The Doctor's double gets the drop on himplans to destroy the village before he leaves for Earth. Sarah escapes and rescues The Doctor, and they make it to the Kraal base before the village is destroyed. They're captured by Crayford, who tells them the Kraals are dying from the high radiation of their planet, Oseidon. He's helping them because they rescued him when his ship went off course. He believes they intend to share Earth with mankind, but Styggron has developed a virus which will eradicate the planet's inhabitants. The Doctor and Sarah escape from their cell, and stow away on the XK5 in pods designed to hold androids. As they reach Earth, they're ejected from the ship, and go to the real Defense Station, where Colonel Faraday and crew (including the real Benton and Harry) are monitoring the return of XK5. After The Doctor fights his own double, he shuts down the androids. Crayford learns he has been tricked, and returns to the XK5, where he's killed by Styggron. The Doctor arrives and attacks the scientist. Styggron falls on his own virus capsule and dies, just as he shoots The Doctor. The real Doctor appears and tells Sarah that he reprogrammed his double to fight Styggron. The TARDIS arrives and they quietly slip away.

The Brain of Morbius
Location: Karn Date: Unknown

The Time Lords divert the TARDIS to Karn, home of the Sisterhood, who share their "elixir of life" with the Time Lords. The elixir is used to help in difficult regenerations, but the Sisters use it to make themselves immortal. The elixir, which comes from heated chemicals deep in the planet, is running out, and Maren, the Sisterhood's leader, believes The Doctor plans to steal it for the Time Lords. The Doctor has actually been sent to investigate Mehendri Solon, a brilliant surgeon and a follower of Morbius, a renegade Time Lord who was executed on Karn after attempting to take over Gallifrey. Solon secretly removed Morbius's brain before the execution, and has been assembling a body for him, using parts from aliens who've crashed on the planet (the result of a barrier which the Sisterhood erected to keep people from stealing the elixir). The mindbending contest He intends to use The Doctor's head to house the brain, but the continuing interference of the Sisterhood (who've come to trust The Doctor after he discovers the reason for the elixir's disappearance and repairs it) thwarts him, and he uses a plastic brain case. Morbius, already mad from years on life support, is appalled by his patchwork body and leaves Solon's house, killing one of the Sisters in his rampage. The Doctor and Solon find and tranquilize him, and The Doctor insists that the body be dismantled, and the brain returned to Gallifrey. Solon agrees, but instead locks The Doctor and Sarah in a lab while he tries to stabilize Morbius. The Doctor makes cyanide gas, which he sends through the ventilation system, and Solon is killed. Morbius, whose body has "the lungs of a Birastrop", is not affected, and comes to the lab, where The Doctor goads him into a mind-bending contest, a Time Lord game is which the contestants force their opponents back through their previous lives. Morbius appears to win the game, as the faces of the previous Doctors and a series of earlier incarnations
(actually "phantom pasts" created by The Doctor) appear on the machine's screen. The Doctor collapses, but the strain of the contest causes the brain case to overload, and Morbius flees into the night, and falls to his death. Maren uses the last of the current supply of the elixir to save The Doctor's life, and passes on. Theoretically Speaking

The Seeds of Doom
Locations: Antarctica, England Date: Autumn 1976

The Doctor and Sarah are back on Earth, and his help is requested by the World Ecology Bureau. An alien pod has been found near a research station in Antarctica,
and after The Doctor decides not to travel in the TARDIS, he and Sarah journey there. They learn that one of the crew was infected by the pod after it germinated, and is mutating into a humanoid vegetable. The Doctor identifies the pod as a Krynoid, a species which overruns entire planets, wiping out all animal life, and finds another pod after he remembers that the Krynoid travel in pairs. Complicating matters is the arrival of two men, Scorby and Keeler, who've been sent by millionaire Harrison Chase, who's been informed of the discovery by a corrupt politician. Despite warnings of the danger, they steal the remaining pod and blow up the station. The Doctor and Sarah survive and return to London, where, aided by Sir Colin Thackeray and the eccentric floral artist Amelia Ducat, they trace the stolen pod to Chase's mansion. The Doctor and Sarah flee from the Krynoid Chase wants to see the effect of the pod on a human, and the captured Sarah is to be the subject of the experiment. The Doctor rescues her, and Keeler is infected. Chase feeds the Keeler/Krynoid hybrid, which grows rapidly. The Doctor escapes and goes to the Bureau, where he hears that plants have been taken over by the Krynoid, and people are being killed. He and Major Beresford of UNIT return to Chase's house, equipped with the latest defoliant, which proves ineffectual against the menace. Chase is killed in a struggle with The Doctor, becoming the victim of his own compost machine, and Scorby is strangled by vines. The Krynoid has grown large enough to crush Chase's mansion, but Beresford calls in the RAF, and they bomb the house, killing the Krynoid. With the menace over, The Doctor and Sarah decide to take a holiday on Cassiopeia, but have an unexpected stopover in Antarctica because The Doctor forgot to reset the TARDIS controls.

The Masque of Mandragora
Location: San Marino, Italy Date: Late 15th Century

The Doctor and Sarah are exploring the TARDIS, and Sarah finds a wood-paneled console room she's never seen
(the presence of a recorder indicates it was used by The Second Doctor, probably during his missions for the Time Lords). The Doctor resets the controls, and the external doors, so he can operate the TARDIS from this console room. The ship is sucked in by the Mandragora Helix, an intelligent energy being, which infiltrates the TARDIS without The Doctor's knowledge. They arrive in the Dukedom of San Marino, where Sarah is soon captured by followers of the banned Cult of Demnos, and The Doctor learns that he's inadvertently brought Helix energy to Earth. The old Duke has just died, the victim of theThe Doctor, Sarah and Guiliano ambition of his brother Count Federico, who plans to have his nephew, Guiliano, meet a similar fate. His astrologer, Hieronymous, is secretly the leader of the cult, and is taken over by the Helix energy. The Doctor rescues Sarah, but is unable to convince Federico of the danger from beyond the stars. Guiliano and his friend Marco are more sympathetic to his claims, and the young Duke, an amateur scientist, has planned a meeting of learned men, including Leonardo DaVinci. Sarah is recaptured, and Hieronymous hypnotizes her and orders her to kill The Doctor, who realizes her mind has been affected when she asks how she's able to understand Italian (having always taken the "Time Lord gift I allow you to share" for granted). He breaks the hypnosis, but Hieronymous escapes. Federico imprisons Marco, Guiliano, and Sarah, and goes with The Doctor to confront the astrologer, who kills him with a blast of Helix energy. The Doctor escapes and frees the others. With Guiliano's help, he gets the equipment he needs to drain away the Helix energy, and Hieronymous and his followers are killed. As they leave, The Doctor, who misses his chance to meet DaVinci, tells Sarah that the alignment of the stars will allow the Mandragora Helix to try again, sometime late in the 20th century.

The Hand of Fear
Locations: England, Kastria Date: 1980

The TARDIS lands in a quarry on Earth, and Sarah initially believes they've landed on yet another alien planet. She and The Doctor fail to see warning signals for an explosion, and are buried in the blast. The Doctor is slightly injured, and when Sarah is pulled from the rubble she is clutching a fossilized hand. The hand transmits an unknown energy to her, and she is taken to the hospital for tests. When she recovers, she puts on a ring from the hand, and uses it to stun her doctor. She then takes the hand to the Nunton power complex, evades the guards, and takes the hand into a reactor, where it absorbs the radiation. The hand regenerates a body,
Sarah, The Doctor and Eldrada female form modeled after Sarah. The Doctor learns that this alien is Eldrad, who claims to have been exiled from her homeworld, Kastria, by traitors in a revolt which took place millennia ago. She threatens to destroy Earth unless The Doctor takes her back to Kastria. He agrees, but refuses to travel to Kastria's past. When they arrive, they find the planet deserted. Eldrad is apparently destroyed by automated defenses, but instead regenerates again, into his real form, that of a bearded warrior. The Doctor and Sarah learn the truth when Eldrad activates a recorded message from Rokon, the Kastrian king, who had ordered the execution of the traitorous, warlike, Eldrad, and convinced his people to destroy their race banks and end their existence rather than submit to his possible return. The enraged Eldrad announces his intention to rule Earth instead, but The Doctor uses his scarf to trip the Kastrian, who falls into an apparently bottomless pit. As they dematerialize, The Doctor starts working on the TARDIS console, and Sarah, tired of being ignored, threatens to leave. As she goes to pack, The Doctor receives (what seems to be) an official recall to Gallifrey, and is told he must come alone. Sarah, who'd been joking, sadly bids farewell to The Doctor, and discovers, to her amusement, that while she's been returned to her proper time, The Doctor "blew it", and she isn't in her own street in South Croydon. Theoretically Speaking

The Deadly Assassin
Location: Gallifrey Date: Unknown

While returning to Gallifrey, The Doctor receives another message via the TARDIS's telepathic circuit. In this "premonition", he sees himself attempting to prevent the The Doctor and Runciblemurder of the Time Lord President. The TARDIS makes an unauthorized landing and is surrounded by armed guards. The Doctor writes a note warning of the danger, and using a ruse, slips past the guards. He escapes capture when a mysterious figure guns down a guard, and doubles back to the TARDIS. On the scanner he sees his old classmate Runcible broadcasting the preparations for the President's resignation speech. The ship is transmatted to the Capitol museum by order of Chancellor Goth, who is believed to be the President's nominee for his successor. The Doctor, in stolen ceremonial robes, heads for the Panopticon, where the ceremonies are to take place. He learns that Runcible's cameraman is not at his post, which he recognizes as the spot he was standing in during his vision of the murder. He makes his way there and finds a staser rifle, which he fires into the crowd just as the President falls. The Doctor is arrested, and since it is traditional for an incoming President to pardon political prisoners, Goth wants the trial and execution to take place before his inauguration. The Doctor tells Castellan Spandrell, leader of the Chancellery Guards, about his vision. At the trial, he announces his own candidacy for the Presidency, invoking Article 17 of the Constitution, which provides that no candidate for office may be put on trial. With a grace period of 48 hours before the election, The Doctor begins to convince Spandrell of his innocence. He proves that the sights of the staser had been tampered with, and says he was actually aiming at the real assassin. The Doctor and Spandrell reason that the video of the ceremony will reveal the truth, but instead of the videodisc they find the shrunken body of the technician inside the camera,The Master and The Doctor realizes The Master is back on Gallifrey. Runcible, who's found the video, is murdered, and The Doctor and Spandrell seek help from Engin, coordinator of the APC Net, which contains the sum of Time Lord knowledge. The Doctor realizes the APC Net was used to transmit the recall and visions, and, despite the danger, links his own mind with it to find out what The Master is planning. The Doctor finds himself in a surreal theater of the mind, where an unseen enemy uses mental powers to create deadly illusions. After a series of narrow escapes from a Samurai warrior, a railway engine, and a World War I biplane, The Doctor learns how to use the environment, and wounds his enemy with a grenade and a poisoned thorn. The Doctor learns that his opponent is Goth, and defeats him in a life-or-death battle in an illusionary swamp. After unlinking from the APC Net's Matrix, The Doctor, with Spandrell and Engin, tracks down The Master's Matrix terminal and discover his body, decayed past the point of no return. They learn from the dying Goth that he'd rescued The Master, at the end of his cycle of regenerations, from the planet Terserus, and agreed to his scheme because he'd learned that the President planned to name another Time Lord as his successor. As The Doctor tries to understand The Master's plan, Engin reminds him of the powers of the Eye of Harmony, the black hole at the heart of Gallifrey which provides the Time Lords with their energy. The Doctor realizes that The Master intended to use this power to revitalize himself, and learns that he has faked his death. The Master has stolen the Sash of Rassilon, which protects the wearer from the Eye's energy, from the body of the President, and after trapping The Doctor and his allies in the Panopticon vaults, uses the Great Key of Rassilon to open the Eye. As the Panopticon is shaken by the destructive energies, The Doctor escapes from the vaults and overcomes The Master, who is apparently killed in a fall. He then stabilizes the Eye and saves Gallifrey. Cardinal Borusa, one of The Doctor's old teachers, plans to cover up these events and make Goth the hero, and is quite happy to let The Doctor leave Gallifrey again. After Spandrell and Engin see The Doctor off, they learn that The Master has survived, and are unable to prevent him from stealing a TARDIS and escaping from Gallifrey.

Unrecorded Events
Locations: See below Dates: See below

The Doctor makes his first visit to the planet Tigella (50 years before Meglos). In 1503 Florence, he finally meets Leonardo DaVinci, who is painting the Mona Lisa, whose model The Doctor will later describe as a "terrible woman with no eyebrows" (City of Death). In 1960 Cambridge, The Doctor visits his old friend Professor Chronotis, and receives an honorary doctorate from St. Cedd's College (Shada). The Doctor visits Australia (probably in the 1930s), where he plays cricket for New South Wales and meets the legendary cricket player Donald Bradman.
During this period The Doctor learns the fast bowling style (Black Orchid) although he will continue to consider himself "a great slow bowler" (The Creature from the Pit). He plans to visit Hyde Park, but the TARDIS instead brings him to a planet he has visited before (see below).

The Face of Evil
Location: Unknown Date: Unknown

LeelaThe TARDIS arrives on an unnamed planet, and The Doctor meets Leela, a warrior of the primitive Sevateem, who's been exiled because of heresy against their god, Xoanon. She's initially frightened of The Doctor, whom she calls "The Evil One", but after he helps her escape from a group of invisible attackers she tells him that Xoanon is held captive by an enemy tribe called the Tesh. The Doctor is captured by Sevateem warriors and meets their shaman, Neeva. As he sees remnants of old technology and observes the tribe's rituals, The Doctor realizes that they are the descendants of a lost group of colonists. Leela rescues The Doctor, incurring his anger when she kills a guard with a poisonous janis thorn. She leads him to the edge of the forest, where he finds a massive image of his own face carved into a mountainside. They return to the village to investigate, and The Doctor uses one of the "holy relics", a spacesuit radio, to speak with Xoanon, whose voice is identical to his own. Leela is poisoned with a janis thorn by another warrior, but The Doctor creates an antidote using an old medkit. He's captured by the tribe, and, after using his skill with a crossbow to pass the test of the Horda (suspension over a pit full of carnivorous creatures), proves that he is not the Evil One. He repairs an energy weapon to provide a defense against Xoanon's phantoms, and he and Leela go to investigate the carving. After entering through "The Doctor's" mouth, they see a man in a spacesuit. They follow and are transmatted to a spaceship, where they meet Jabel, Captain of the Tesh, who have developed psionic abilities. The Doctor realizes that both tribes are descended from the Mordee expedition which he tried to help soon after his regeneration (Robot), with the Sevateem being the Survey Team, and the Tesh being the technicians, and that Xoanon was the ship's computer he had attempted to repair. Jabel disables them with a psychic blast, and they are taken to be dissected by particle analysis. The Doctor destroys the analyzer by reflecting its beam back into the works, and, using a communicator to imitate Xoanon, tells Neeva how to bring his tribe to the spaceship. He's taken aback when Neeva calls him "Doctor", and realizes he's underestimated the shaman. Xoanon is schizophrenic because The Doctor neglected to erase his own personality from the computer after repairing it, and as the Time Lord enters the computer complex, he is attacked. Leela rescues him, and they head for the ship's control room to find another way to stop the mad computer. Xoanon takes control of both tribes in an effort to stop The Doctor, but Neeva, who's protected because he's lost faith in his "god", attacks Xoanon, dying in the process. The distraction allows The Doctor to wipe the multiple personalities. With the computer repaired, The Doctor slips away as the tribes argue about who is to be their new leader. Leela also leaves after one of the Sevateem suggests her for the job, and catches up with The Doctor. She asks to join him on his travels, and when he refuses, she runs into the TARDIS, which takes off just as The Doctor enters.

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