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The First Doctor


The Eight Doctors
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The First Doctor's Final Adventures
Companions: Vicki, Steven, Katarina, Sara Kingdom, Dodo Chaplet, Polly, Ben Jackson
Major Enemies: Daleks, Mavic Chen, The Monk, Toymaker, WOTAN, Cybermen

Galaxy 4
Location: Unknown Date: Unknown

The Doctor as a prisoner of the DrahvinsThe TARDIS lands on an unnamed planet about 400 days' travel from Drahva, a planet in Galaxy 4 which is home to the Drahvins, a race of beautiful warrior women. A Drahvin ship is stranded after a battle with a craft belonging to the Rills, whom they claim wish to destroy them. The planet is about to explode, and The Doctor finds that there is less time remaining than the Drahvins think. The Rills, an ugly race of telepaths who breathe ammonia, acted in self-defense and are still willing to help the Drahvins, who intend to either take their ship or the TARDIS. The Doctor uses the TARDIS's power to jump-start the Rill ship, and they escape. One of the Rills' robots, which Vicki calls Chumblies, sacrifices itself so that The Doctor and his companions may also get away.

The Myth Makers
Location: Troy Date: 1184 BC

The Doctor with Agamemnon and OdysseusThe TARDIS lands near the city of Troy just as Achilles kills Hector. The Greek warrior hails The Doctor as Zeus, and insists that he accompany him back to the Greeks' camp. Odysseus does not believe in The Doctor's divinity and challenges him to come up with a plan to defeat the Trojans, giving him two days to do so. Steven ends up in Greek armor, and is captured by the Trojans. The TARDIS is dragged into the city, and when Vicki emerges from it she's hailed as a prophet, and renamed Cressida. While she's flirting with Troilus, Steven is brought in and blows her cover. They're locked up, and Vicki has two days to come up with a way to beat the Greeks. The Doctor, who's been unable to come up with a better idea, suggests that the Greeks build the Trojan Horse (which he believes was something Homer came up with to embellish the story) and the warriors go for it. Steven is badly wounded in the final battle, and Vicki, who's decided to stay behind with Troilus, asks Katarina, a servant of the prophetess Cassandra, to help him. The bewildered girl joins the crew of the TARDIS, which she believes is The Doctor's temple. The Doctor allows Vicki to retain the "Time Lord gift" for understanding languages (The Masque of Mandragora) so she can communicate with Troilus.

The Daleks' Master Plan
Locations: See below Dates: See below

The Doctor doesn't have an adequate medical supply and hopes their next landing is on an advanced world, since Steven will die without proper treatment. The TARDIS arrives in 4000 AD on the planet Kembel, where The Doctor finds a recording left behind by Space Security Agent Marc Cory, and learns that the Daleks have formed an alliance to conquer the galaxy. Bret Vyon, sent to investigate Cory's disappearance, has the medicine Steven needs. The Doctor infiltrates a meeting of the alliance, and learns that Mavic Chen, Guardian of the Solar System, has given the Daleks a mineral called taranium, which they intend to use to power a weapon called the Time Destructor. The Doctor steals the power core and flees in Chen's spaceship with Vyon, Steven and Katarina (they're cut off from the TARDIS). The ship is forced down on the prison planet Desperus, and an escaped prisoner gets aboard and takes Katarina hostage. The girl has seen the airlock operated, and knowing The Doctor must warn Earth about the Daleks, sacrifices herself, also killing the prisoner. It is the first time that The Doctor has lost a companion, but while shaken, he's determined that herSara, Steven and The Doctor death will not be in vain. They arrive on Earth, but Chen has beaten them there, and orders agent Sara Kingdom to track down the traitors. She kills Vyon, and corners The Doctor and Steven in a room which houses an experimental transmat system. They are sent to the jungle planet Mira, and in the course of their escape from the native Visians, Sara comes to believe their story. She also reveals that Bret Vyon was her brother, and vows revenge against Chen for causing his death. They board a Dalek craft sent after them, and The Doctor makes a convincing duplicate of the taranium core. When they return to Kembel, he exchanges it forChen and the Daleks in Egypt safe passage to the TARDIS. The Doctor has bought them time, though he knows the Daleks will resume their pursuit once they discover the deception. After stops in Liverpool on Christmas Day 1965, where they repair the TARDIS scanner, London on New Year's Day 1966, a cricket match between England and Australia, and in 1920s Hollywood, The Doctor discovers that they are being followed. They land on the planet Tigus, where they learn that their pursuer is The Monk, who's finally repaired his TARDIS. He tries to prevent The Doctor from entering his own TARDIS by blocking its lock with a force field, but The Doctor bypasses the force field using his ring. The travelers land in Egypt during the building of the pyramids (circa 2600 BC), pursued by The Monk, Mavic Chen, and his Dalek allies. The Doctor is forced to hand over the real taranium core, but manages to escape, and has again bought them time by disguising The Monk's TARDIS to look like his own. He also steals The Monk's directional circuit, and pilots the TARDIS back to Kembel (the circuit burns out because it's from a later model TARDIS). They are captured, but The Doctor gets to the Time Destructor when Chen finally snaps and is exterminated by the Daleks. He sends Sara and Steven to the TARDIS, but she comes back to make sure he escapes, and is aged to death before The Doctor's eyes. The Daleks are destroyed, and the Time Destructor crumbles when the taranium core burns out.

The Massacre
Locations: Paris, London Dates: 1572, 1966

The Doctor and StevenThe TARDIS arrives in Paris on August 19, 1572, just before the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre of the Huguenots ordered by Catherine de Medici. The Doctor goes to visit apothecary Charles Preslin, after telling Steven to stay out of religion and politics. Steven becomes involved in both when he rescues a young servant named Anne Chaplette, who's overheard plans for the coming slaughter. He encounters the Abbot of Amboise, an exact double of The Doctor, and follows him. When the Abbot is killed, Steven believes that he's stranded in the 16th century. The Doctor, meanwhile, sends Preslin to Germany so that he may continue his medical research, and has a pair of detours on his way back to meet Steven (see next entry). The Doctor refuses to interfere in history by taking Anne to safety in the TARDIS, and he and Steven leave as the massacre begins. The TARDIS materializes in 1966 London, and an angry Steven leaves The Doctor alone for the first time since his departure from Gallifrey with Susan. A young girl named Dorothea (Dodo) Chaplet mistakes the TARDIS for a real police box, and enters the ship seeking help for an accident she's witnessed. Steven returns to the TARDIS after he calms down, and after seeing that the police have the accident in hand, Dodo, an orphan who may be one of Anne Chaplette's descendants, joins the TARDIS crew.

The Three Doctors and The Five Doctors
Locations: See below Dates: Not Applicable

The Doctor advises his later selves (The Three Doctors) As The Doctor walks through a garden on his way back to the TARDIS, he is taken from his timeline by order of the President of the High Council of Time Lords. The President needs him to keep his next two incarnations focused while they deal with a Gallifreyan from the Old Time who wants revenge on the Time Lords. There's not enough power to transport him to the scene, and he is suspended in the Time Vortex in a protective capsule. His advice helps The Second and Third Doctors save Gallifrey (The Three Doctors). As he resumes his journey, The Doctor senses that he's being sought by a time scoop, a remnant of the ancient Game of Rassilon. He's unable to escape, and finds himself in a set of mirrored corridors, where he's reunited with an older Susan. The Doctor tricks a pursuing Dalek into destroying itself, and they find they're in the Death Zone on Gallifrey. They find the TARDIS while on their way to the Tomb of Rassilon, and meet its current occupants, Tegan Jovanka, Turlough, and The Fifth Doctor. When The Fifth Doctor disappears on his way to the Tomb, The Doctor and Tegan go in his place, encountering Cybermen and The Master (who's changed so much The Doctor doesn't recognize him) on the way. The Doctor, with his second and third selves, translates an inscription which gives them a clue to what's at stake. The Doctor realizes how to deal with the renegade Time Lord who brought them there, and Rassilon returns everyone to their proper timelines (The Five Doctors). Although The Doctor remembers some details of these adventures, many of these events are erased from his memory when he's returned to his own time stream. Theoretically Speaking

The Ark
Locations: The Ark, Refusis 2 Dates: Unknown

Dodo, The Doctor and StevenIn the distant future, the TARDIS arrives on a starship transporting the people of Earth to a new home following the planet's destruction when its sun goes supernova. The ship also contains specimens of Earth's flora and fauna, and is primarily operated by an intelligent race of mute alien slaves called Monoids. Dodo has a cold, for which these humans have no resistance (the cold was cured late in the 20th century). The Doctor recreates the cure and they leave, though The Doctor is worried about the humans' final fate. The TARDIS itself decides to find out, and it materializes on the Ark 700 years later. The cold virus returned after the crew's departure, and the Monoids, who've gained the power of speech in the intervening years, overthrew their weakened masters. The Ark has arrived at its destination, Refusis 2, and with help from the planet's invisible, intangible natives, The Doctor makes peace between the humans and Monoids, and leaves them on their new world.

The Celestial Toymaker
Location: The Toymaker's Domain Date: Not Applicable

The ToymakerThe TARDIS is taken out of the space-time continuum by The Doctor's old adversary, the Toymaker, who wants The Doctor to play games with him for the rest of time. The Doctor is forced to play the trilogic game, and is handicapped by the Toymaker taking away his voice and physical form, forcing him to make his moves using mental energy. Dodo and Steven are forced to play a series of deadly games in order to find the real TARDIS, which The Toymaker has duplicated. They succeed just as The Doctor, whose physical form has been returned, arrives at the last move, but the immortal Toymaker has rigged the game so that making the move will destroy both his domain and the TARDIS, while he will merely move on and start again. The Doctor manages to make the last move from the safety of the TARDIS by impersonating the Toymaker's voice, but as they dematerialize he is stricken by a toothache.

The Gunfighters
Location: Tombstone, Arizona Date: October 1881

Doctor Caligari, Deputy SheriffThe TARDIS arrives in Tombstone shortly before the legendary Gunfight at the OK Corral. The crew adopt the aliases Doctor Caligari, Steven Regret, and Miss Dodo Dupont, and The Doctor finds a local dentist named Doc Holliday to extract his tooth. In a comedy of errors, The Doctor is initially mistaken for the notorious gunfighter Holliday, is arrested by Marshal Wyatt Earp, and eventually becomes a deputy sheriff who refuses to carry a gun. While The Doctor doesn't feel that interfering in the fight is important enough to cause serious damage to history, in the end he is unable to prevent events from following their appointed course.

The Savages
Location: Unknown Date: Unknown

The Doctor and his companions arrive on an unidentified planet with advanced technology, where the ruling Elders have been watching his journeys (possibly with a version of the time-space visualizer). They wish to honor The Doctor, who they call "The Traveler from Beyond Time", but when he learns that the source of their power is a process which drains life energy from the Savages, a primitive tribe, he objects and is taken prisoner. Jano, the leader of the Elders, drains some of The Doctor's life force, absorbing his ethics in the process. With help from Steven and the Savages, he destroys the machinery which performs the procedure, and suggests that his people and the Savages work together. Neither side has a leader whom the other will accept, and The Doctor suggests that Steven, who's impressed both factions, is the ideal candidate for their new leader.

The War Machines
Location: London Dates: July 12-20, 1966

The Doctor examines a War MachineThe TARDIS arrives in London on July 12, 1966, and The Doctor senses evil coming from the newly finished Post Office Tower. After a couple of stops (see next entry) he and Dodo go to the Tower and meet Professor Brett and his secretary, Polly. Brett is the creator of a computer called WOTAN (for Will Operating Thought ANalogue), a machine so advanced that it is not only able to decipher the meaning of the word "TARDIS", but has actually become sentient. WOTAN takes control of Brett, and intends to build a race of War Machines to rule mankind, with The Doctor's help. The Doctor attends a scientific conference and meets Sir Charles Summer, while Dodo goes with Polly to a club called The Inferno, where they are befriended by a sailor named Ben Jackson, who's on a six-month shore posting. Dodo gets a phone call which puts her under WOTAN's control, but The Doctor manages to break the control after WOTAN attempts to recruit him, and she is sent away to recuperate. Polly and Ben are captured and forced to work on the War Machines, but Ben escapes and alerts The Doctor, who discovers a way to defeat the first one. He realizes that WOTAN will adapt, and that the next machine can't be beaten the same way. With the help of Sir Charles, he manages to capture and reprogram one of the robots, and sends it to attack WOTAN. Ben rescues Polly, the menace is defeated, and Brett, who remembers nothing of the ordeal, is saved. The Doctor returns to the TARDIS to wait for Dodo. Ben and Polly arrive with the news that she's decided to remain behind, and as The Doctor is preparing for departure, they realize they've forgotten to give him Dodo's key. They enter the TARDIS just as The Doctor prepares to take off for his next journey.

Unrecorded Events
Location: London Date: July 12, 1966

Before visiting Brett, The Doctor, who hasn't paid an extended visit to Earth since his departure from 1963 with Susan, Ian, and Barbara, goes to the mortuary where he left the Hand of Omega and learns that soon after he left, the casket was claimed by another man who called himself The Doctor. He visits the cafe near Totter's Lane and learns that the wife of the owner, Harry Hackenschmidt (Planet of the Spiders), gave birth to twins soon after his departure (Remembrance of the Daleks). Harry gives The Doctor an envelope containing a note from a future Doctor, who explains that he's taken care of "unfinished business", and a set of credentials signed by Group Captain Gilmore, which will give The Doctor access to Brett, other scientists, and government officials.
Theoretically Speaking

The Smugglers
Location: Cornwall Date: circa 1680

The TARDIS arrives on the coast of Cornwall, and the disbelieving Ben and Polly soon find themselves, and The Doctor, involved with pirates who are looking for the lost treasure of the famous buccaneer Avery. The Doctor learns a rhyme from the local church warden, who's subsequently murdered, which tells him the location of the treasure. Complicating matters is the presence of a smuggling ring controlled by the local squire, and the travelers are caught in the conflict between the two factions. They are saved by the arrival of the militia, who attack the pirates, and during the fight, The Doctor, Ben and Polly make their way back to the TARDIS.

The Tenth Planet
Location: Antarctica Date: December 1986

The Doctor realizes that his body is wearing outCybermanThe TARDIS lands at a space tracking outpost near the South Pole. The base has been experiencing a power drain, and its commander, General Cutler, has little patience with the intruders. The Doctor is feeling weak, and baffles Polly with the comment that "this old body is wearing a bit thin". The base is tracking an object which The Doctor identifies as Earth's twin world, Mondas, the legendary tenth planet propelled from the solar system centuries ago. Mondas is the source of the energy drain, which causes the loss of a spacecraft. The base is attacked by a force of Cybermen, the formerly human inhabitants of Mondas, who have replaced most of their organic parts with machinery during the long return home.
Though he's aware of Mondas, The Doctor apparently doesn't remember his previous encounter with the Cybermen (The Five Doctors). Mondas is dying, and the Cybermen intend to drain Earth's energy to replenish it. They also intend to take the Earth's inhabitants for conversion into Cybermen. Cutler, who's trying to launch a bomb to destroy Mondas, cracks up when his son's space capsule is apparently destroyed by the power drain, and is killed by the Cyberleader. The Cybermen want the bomb disarmed, and take Polly hostage on their ship. After he warns Ben that the aliens intend to use the bomb to destroy Earth, The Doctor also is taken hostage. Mondas is destroyed when it absorbs too much energy, and the base personnel are able to guide the capsule carrying Cutler's son home safely. Ben heads for the Cybermen's ship, where The Doctor has been getting progressively weaker. He insists on returning to the TARDIS. Ben and Polly follow, and watch as The Doctor regenerates for the first time.

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