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The First Doctor


The Eight Doctors
"One day I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back. Until then there must
be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs,
and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine"

The First Doctor's Adventures Continue
Companions: Susan, Ian, Barbara, Vicki, Steven Taylor
Major Enemies: Daleks, the Animus, Mechanoids, The Monk

Planet of Giants
Location: England Date: 1964

Barbara, The Doctor and Susan The TARDIS finally gets Ian and Barbara back to England in their own time period, but a malfunction has caused the ship's doors to open while in flight, and the resulting dimensional instability shrinks the travelers to the size of insects. The crew face many dangers, including a common domestic cat, drowning in a laboratory sink, and Barbara's accidental poisoning due to exposure to a dangerous insecticide, but they still manage to expose a murderer before The Doctor figures out how to cure Barbara and reverse the shrinking process.

Unrecorded Adventure
Location: South Africa Date: May 1900

In an adventure whose details are unknown, The Doctor and his companions witness the relief of Mafeking during the Boer War.
Theoretically Speaking

The Dalek Invasion of Earth
Location: England Date: circa 2164

"One day, I shall come back ..."The TARDIS lands in London in the 22nd century, and the crew discovers that Earth has been conquered by the Daleks. (The Doctor theorizes that this is chronologically before their first meeting with the Daleks, but later evidence suggests that he is incorrect.) The Daleks have enslaved most of the survivors, and some of these slaves are being used in a mysterious mining project in Bedfordshire. Susan becomes romantically involved with the young resistance fighter David Campbell. The crew discover that the Daleks intend to remove the Earth's magnetic core and replace it with a propulsion system so that they can use the planet as a mobile base for further conquest. The Doctor frees the slaves from Dalek control and they begin a rebellion. Ian diverts the bomb which will activate the propulsion system, and it destroys the Daleks' headquarters. As the travelers prepare to leave, The Doctor, knowing that Susan is torn between her wish to continue taking care of him and her desire to stay with David, locks her out of the TARDIS and bids her a sentimental farewell.

The Rescue
Location: Dido Date: 2493

The Doctor, somewhat listless and depressed following Susan's departure, falls asleep during their next journey, and the TARDIS itself takes over their landing. They arrive on the planet Dido (which The Doctor has visited before). They find a crashed spaceship from Earth with two survivors, an apparently paralyzed man named Bennett, and a orphaned girl named Vicki. They tell the TARDIS crew that a monstrous creature called Koquillion is protecting them from the Didonians, who supposedly killed the other crash survivors. The Doctor, who remembers the planet's natives as peaceful, is suspicious, and discovers that Koquillion is actually a disguised Bennett, who intends to use the girl as an alibi to cover the fact that he committed the murders. Bennett is accidentally killed while fleeing from two Didonians, and The Doctor invites Vicki to join his crew.

The Romans
Location: Italy Date: 64

Vicki, Ian and The DoctorThe TARDIS makes a precarious landing in Italy, and after they make sure it is all right, The Doctor and his companions take a holiday, spending a month at a villa near Rome. Shortly after The Doctor and Vicki decide to visit the city, Barbara and Ian are captured by slavers. Ian becomes a galley slave and Barbara is sold to the court of Nero. The Doctor is mistaken for the famed musician Maximus Petullian. With his gift for getting involved, he manages to get in the thick of court intrigue, while never actually running into Barbara. Ian eventually escapes, and rescues Barbara, who's been fending off Nero's advances, and they make their way back to the villa. The Doctor accidentally sets fire to Nero's city plans with his magnifying lens, inspiring the Great Fire, and he and Vicki manage to escape in the confusion. He asks her not to tell the others what happened, and when they arrive back at the villa he chastises Barbara and Ian for sitting around doing nothing.

The Web Planet
Location: Vortis Date: Unknown

Ian and The DoctorA powerful force drags the TARDIS to the desolate planet Vortis, where the crew become caught in a war between the exiled Menoptra, a race similar to large butterflies, and the Zarbi, an ant-like race who have taken over the planet. The Zarbi are under the control of the Animus, a parasitic intelligence which has seized the TARDIS to prevent it from leaving the planet. The Doctor discovers that he can hypnotically control the Zarbi by linking his ring to a machine in the TARDIS, and he and Vicki make their way to the Animus. Ian and Barbara, along with Menoptra troops, meet them there, and the Animus is destroyed by the Isop-tope, an invention of the Optera, a race descended from the Menoptra who were unable to flee when the planet was invaded. The Zarbi revert to their normal mindless condition, and Vortis is saved.

The Crusade
Location: Palestine Date: circa 1190

The Doctor, Vicki and JoannaThe TARDIS lands in Palestine during Richard the Lionheart's crusade against the Saracens. Barbara is captured along with a knight who is impersonating the king. The others assist a wounded knight in returning to Jaffa. Richard, who wants to end hostilities by arranging a marriage between his sister Joanna and the brother of Saladin, the Saracen leader, knights Ian and sends him to Saladin. The Doctor and Vicki, who's disguised as a boy, try to stay out of trouble, but Joanna finds out about Vicki, and enlists The Doctor to help her find out what's going on. Though he does not betray the king's secret, the Duke of Leicester makes it appear that he has. Richard, knowing that war is inevitable because of Joanna's refusal to agree with the plan, needs Leicester and sends The Doctor and Vicki away. They arrive back at the TARDIS as Ian and Barbara return, but The Doctor is captured by Leicester, who thinks he's a spy. Ian claims the right to execute The Doctor, and they escape in the TARDIS, leaving Leicester convinced that Ian has been spirited away by sorcery.

The Space Museum
Location: Xeros Date: Unknown

The TARDIS crew as exhibitsThe TARDIS shifts out of phase with time as it arrives on the planet Xeros, which is under the sadistic rule of a warrior race called Moroks. The crew discover that they are exhibits in a planetary museum, and as the timelines stabilize again, they realize they must help the Xerons rebel against their conquerors in order to prevent this alternate future. The Doctor is captured, and baffles the Morok leader with his strange ability to withstand their mind probe. The revolt succeeds, and the grateful Xerons give The Doctor one of the exhibits, a time-space visualizer, as a parting gift.

The Chase
Locations: Aridius, Earth, Mechanus Dates: See below

The Doctor and his Time-Space VisualizerThe Doctor uses the visualizer, "a sort of time television", to look at historical events, including the Gettysburg Address, a visit to Queen Elizabeth's court by Shakespeare, and a TV appearance by The Beatles. The TARDIS lands on the planet Aridius, and Barbara and The Doctor see a transmission which alerts them that the Daleks are using their own time machine to track them down. They narrowly escape, and manage to stay one step ahead of their enemies in a series of jumps in time. They land on the observation level of the Empire State Building in 1966, the deck of the Mary Celeste in 1872 (the Daleks are responsible for the crew's disappearance), and at a house of horrors built for the canceled Festival of Ghana in 1996, which The Doctor believes to be a world of dreams (they depart without learning the truth). Vicki is accidentally left behind, and stows away on the Dalek ship, where she learns that they have made a robot duplicate of The Doctor. The TARDIS lands on Mechanus, where the robot is defeated by The Doctor after giving itself away by mentioning Susan, who the Daleks don't realize is no longer with them. The TARDIS crew and a MechanoidThe travelers are then captured by Mechanoids, robots sent to prepare for an Earth expedition which never arrived, and meet Steven Taylor, a pilot who's been kept prisoner. The Daleks and Mechanoids destroy each other while the crew escape, but they're separated from Steven, who goes back to retrieve a stuffed panda he'd kept as a mascot. After The Doctor finds that the Dalek ship is empty, Barbara and Ian realize that they finally have a way to go home. The Doctor is reluctant to let them leave, both from fear that he can't program the craft properly, and because he'll miss them, but Vicki convinces him to try. Barbara and Ian return to London, discovering after the ship self-destructs that they've landed in 1965 instead of 1963. The Doctor and Vicki use the visualizer to see that they've returned home safely. The time-space visualizer breaks down soon after this adventure.

 The Time Meddler
Location: England Date: 1066

The Monk and The DoctorThe Doctor and Vicki discover that Steven escaped from the Mechanoid city and found his way to the TARDIS. Steven doesn't believe the ship is a time machine, and when they land in England (in what The Doctor first identifies as the 10th or 11th century) and find a wristwatch on the ground, his suspicions seem confirmed. The Doctor discovers that there is another traveler from his own planet there. The Monk, as he calls himself, stole a later model TARDIS and left their world about 50 years after The Doctor. He spends his days attempting to change history, not from malicious intent, but purely for his own amusement. He plans to give advanced weapons to Harold's forces so that they will defeat William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings. The Doctor sabotages The Monk's TARDIS, causing its interior to shrink to the size of a doll's house, and the travelers depart, leaving The Monk stranded and vowing revenge.

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