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Australian Doctor Who WWW Sites
- A comprehensive list of links to Australian Who resources

DMOZ Open Directory: Doctor Who - Open Directory project listing

The Doctor Who Gateway - A guide to the show's missing episodes, with exclusive articles, and links to many other sources of information

Doctor Who In Detail 3 - One of the best sites around, with info on all aspects of the series

Doctor Who Reference Guide - Info about every installment of Doctor Who, from the original episodes to the books and short stories published by Virgin and the BBC

Doctor Who Online - News, merchandise info, an episode guide and many other features

Doctor Who UK - Info on the series, Real Audio and Real Video clips, and a free web page counter

Earthbound Timelords - A research-oriented Doctor Who organization

Edgar Governo, Historian of Things That Never Were - A guide to over 180 fictional timelines from TV, movies, books, games and comics

Gallifrey 5 - Includes a fan forum, episode guide, merchandise news, links and more

The Millennium Effect - A comprehensive reference to Who audio, video, games and much more

Nitro-9 - The starting point for Who on the Web, containing all the FAQs, the Frontios FTP site, and all sorts of good stuff and great links

Outpost Gallifrey - Home page of the annual Gallifrey Convention, it includes news, reviews, a merchandise release schedule, The Canon-Keepers' Episode Guide, and much, much more - A directory of sci-fi and fantasy sites, with a good section of resources for webmasters

Serendipity? - Links, news, fan club listings and more - worth a visit

Tetrapyriarbus - The home page of Alden Bates, with detailed info on Who in New Zealand, the Mel Bush pages, and lots more - Formerly known as Into the Vortex, with Bloopers, the TARDIS Library, and more

The Transcripts Page - An ambitious ongoing project to provide transcriptions of every story (this is the mirror site; the main site by KingSpyder is currently unavailable)

TVLINKS USA - Links to the best sites for more than 400 television programs

Varos - Loads of info, including a program guide, link listing, facts about the Doctors, and plenty of miscellaneous fun files

Yahoo's Doctor Who Directory - A good place to check for new pages

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