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The Eight Doctors


625-Online - Nick Cooper's legendary fanzine offers a detailed look at pre-Who British telefantasy

Bullseye Books - Novelizations of fan-produced stories featuring an alternate Eighth Doctor

Curse - An online Doctor Who fanzine

Doctor Who Magazine - E-mail address for the long-running magazine (the subject specification is what they want to see for the letters page)

Dreamtime - Webzine of the Paul McGann Estrogen Brigade - original fiction, artwork, and poetry

FanGrok - Savagely funny, and sometimes tasteless, but well worth a look

Fringeworld Online - Articles and images from the fanzines "This Way Up," "Fringeworld" and "Faze," plus "This Way Up Extra," "Faze" archives, and reviews of the Ninth Doctor's season

Happiness Patrol - Fanzine and web site catering to gay and lesbian fans

Ibn Qirtaiba - Fanzine of the SF SIG of Australian Mensa, includes articles and reviews

Reverse the Polarity - Fanzine from the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club

SAD Magazine - Strange and Dedicated Online - for everything that has an anally retentive following

Shockeye's Kitchen - Info about the popular fanzine, plus exclusive online content

Skonnos - Online edition of the long-running fanzine with reviews, interviews, and much more

The Sofa of Reasonable Comfort - Fiction, poetry, reviews, and humor

Tachyon TV - Irreverent and funny "articles" on Who, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate and other science fiction programs

Totally Visual - Science fiction fanzine with some very good Doctor Who content

Whotopia - The Canadian Doctor Who Fan Magazine

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