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The Eight Doctors


AJ Rimmer's Doctor Who Page - An episode guide, links, a generic Doctor Who script, and more

Alixion - Sarah Hadley's site has DVD covers for the classic series, the TV Movie, and the new series

Beven, Jack - Homepage of a real doctor - check out his links and meteorological information

Chris's Page of Mostly Who Things - Some lists, reviews, and links

Club Tropicana - John Pettigrew's site features commentary, video covers, links and more, including the infamous rec.arts.drwho Rogues Gallery

Coma Black - Andie Frankham's site, with a Who related writing project

Doctor Vell's Whovian Outpost - Graphics, sounds, links and more

Endis' World of Happy Blitherings - Quirky Who and other links and a unique perspective

Gateway to Exarius - Links and some Doctor Who related articles

Greg's Dimensionally Transcendental Web Page - Who, Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, and more

Harris, Judy - In-depth reviews and synopses of the Tom Baker years

The Home of AlexDW - The blog of a fan, searchable by topic

Jae's Doctor Who Page - Reviews, information about the characters, and more

James and Erin's Very Own Home Page - A personal page with lots of info on Who fanzines

Jenny Parks Illustration - Nice Who related art, some traditional, some whimsical

Johnson, Ryan K. - Info about his films, links, and more

Kevin Wilson's Doctor Who World - An ambitious attempt at providing a definitive guide to the series

Maples, Chris - Ratings by story and season, as well as original air dates in Mississippi

Mason, Cameron - Original covers, writing, The Adric Awards, and other features

Maynard, Carson - Includes links and info about Doctor Who role-playing on IRC

McLauchlan, Scott - Includes a history of Doctor Who in Australia

Murray's Doctor Who Pages - The Lost in the TARDIS game (Shockwave required), plus info on the Target novelizations

Pederson, Morten - Vote on your favorite Doctor, plus images and links

Penguin's Who Bungalow - Info on the FASA role-playing game, an index of production personnel, and much more

Pete's Page - Info on Banopticon '98 and 2005, and links

Ramblings of a Time Lord - James Palmer's page, with info on the Doctors and links

Red's Who - The Doctor Who section of Kate Dunn's site features brief write-ups on each Doctor, broadcast dates of stories, guest star lists, and shooting locations; other stuff, and links

Rudloff, Bill - Convention photos, a history of Tom Baker scarves, plus photos of The Doctors with the Moody Blues

Sean's Doctor Who Page - Home of The Death of Time video, the Semi-Official Infinity Doctors Information Page, and Benjamin F. Elliott's Season 13D parody

Smith, John H. - A guide to planets in the Doctor Who universe

Stephen Newton Online - Brief sections on Doctor Who in general, Tom Baker, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and Torchwood

Steve's Web Page - Images of lost stories, archive lists, Dalek blueprints and more

The Swinging Space-Age Bachelor Pad of the Emperor Dalek - Fan fiction, poetry, links and more

Tom and Alryssa's Home Page of Rassilon - Convention pictures and other features

A Very Peculiar (Web) Page - Elsa Frohman's place on the net, with images and links

Whomiga Times - Doctor Who and Amiga - the show, and the computer, that wouldn't die

Whotopia - Keith Johnson's site has info on the videos, books, actors and much more

Zero Room - By David Zientara, includes an episode guide, links, and more

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