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This page last updated on September 4, 2009

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The Eight Doctors


alt.binaries.drwho.d - A newsgroup for your Doctor Who binary file needs

alt.drwho.creative - Fan written Doctor Who fiction and all-around creative newsgroup
Web Sites: Archive (not available) |

The Console - Discussing the world of Doctor Who

Doctor Who Concordance Project - A Yahoo UK group that seeks to "compile a Dr Who A-Z of everything"

The Jade Pagoda - Archive and information site for this popular list devoted to Doctor Who literature

rec.arts.drwho - The primary Doctor Who newsgroup
Web Sites:
Adric Awards | Birthday Page | Pro-Fun Round Robins | Quotefile - A moderated Usenet newsgroup for FAQ lists and other essential info

rec.arts.drwho.moderated - A moderated version of rec.arts.drwho
Web Site: FAQ

The Time Trap Bar - A virtual chat room, now back on IRC, for Who role-playing gamers; this page tells you how to get there - Dedicated to UK-specific issues related to Doctor Who

Yahoo Groups: Doctor Who - This search page lists all of the Doctor Who discussion groups housed on Yahoo, with links to over 1,000 lists devoted to the series

Mailing Lists

Mailing List Doctor Who Discussion List
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List Owner Breon
Information General discussion list
Web Page

Mailing List
Subscription Address
Subscription Details subscribe trekwho-l
List Owner Clyde Meli
Information Doctor Who and Star Trek general discussion list
Web Page

Mailing List
Subscription Address
Subscription Details subscribe whoccg-l email-address
List Owner Robin (
Information The Doctor Who Collectible Card Game mailing list

Mailing List Who-RPG Mailing List
Subscription Address
Subscription Details Send an e-mail to subscription address
List Owner Who-RPG-L Administrators
Information For discussion of Doctor Who role-playing topics
Web Page

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