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The Eight Doctors


Authors on the Net - E-mail addresses of Doctor Who authors

Broadsword - New and Missing Adventure resource, with the Writer's Guide, reviews, and more

The Doctor Who Bewildering Reference Guide - Baffled by obscure references in the Virgin and BBC novels? Look here for details on many of the books, including notes by the authors themselves

Graham's Bits: Doctor Who Books - Detailed analysis of the rankings of the novels and authors

Guy Clapperton - Personal site of the author of several published Who stories

Howe's Who - Home page of David J. Howe, author and Doctor Who historian - lots of great info

Martin Day - Co-author of The Discontinuity Guide, and author of The Menagerie and Bunker Soldiers

On Target - Devoted to Target's novelizations of the TV stories, with cover scans and publication info

Peter Anghelides - Author of Kursaal and Frontier Worlds

Reviews by the Happy Guy - Archive of Sean Gaffney's book reviews, as seen on rec.arts.drwho

Steve Emmerson - Home page for the author of Casualties of War and Dark Progeny, with cover art

The TARDIS Library - News and reviews, covering the NAs/MAs and other Doctor Who books

The Universal Databank - Online edition of Jean-Marc Lofficier's reference book, with links to his other pages

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