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Doctor Who © BBC
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This page last updated on September 4, 2009

Author: Allen Robinson
Editor/maintainer: Louise Lobinske

The Eight Doctors


AngloFantasia - Dwain Gleason's commentaries on Doctor Who and other British telefantasy

Black Orchid - Opinions and articles on canon and other subjects

Build High For Happiness - Reviews, music, comedy, and more

Doctor Who Deutschland - Episode guides, downloads, and other features (in German)

Doctor Who Dynamic Rankings - Here's your chance to vote on the stories you loved, and the stories you hated

The Doctor Who Guidebook - Info about the TV adventures, plus the books and other spin-offs

The Doctor Who Irrelevance and Irreverence Page - Reviews, Top 10 lists, and other features

Doctor Who Photos - Pictures and highlights from conventions, plus a brief look at the shooting location of The Daemons

Doctor Who Quick Archive Reference - Info on the current status of all Doctor Who episodes

Doctor Who Quotations - The wit and wisdom of The Doctor and his friends

Doctor Who Ratings Guide - Rate your favorite episodes and read reviews by other fans

Doctor Who Starting Point - Links, downloads, and other features

Doctor Who Toys - Are you a parent struggling with which Doctor Who toy, action figure, book or DVD to buy your kids for Christmas or birthday? Here are reviews of Who merchandise by two kids (and one parent) to help you decide

Doctor Who: The Web Planet - Pictures, links, book info and more

dr.who's adventures in cyberspace - Background info about The Doctor, the TARDIS, Gallifrey, and the Time Lords

Gallifrey Election Page - Vote for your favorite candidate in the Gallifreyan elections

KryssTal Dr. Who Page - Episode listings from each Doctor, and links

The Lair of the Valeyard - Reviews, fan fiction and more

The Ms. Doctor Page - Is there any reason The Doctor couldn't be a woman? Aside from the fact that he's been a man since 1963 I can't think of one - see if Matthew Raymond can convince you

The Ninth Doctor's Home Page - Information on the first eight of The Doctor's incarnations

The Police Box - Doctor info, fan art, and other features

The Police Box Website - Advice and assistance about real police boxes, past and present

The Prydonian Order - Articles on a variety of Who related themes

Rockin' the TARDIS - An unofficial discography of titles relating to Doctor Who

The Skaro Toy Museum - An amazing archive of Doctor Who toys, games, and memorabilia

Space Station Pudsey - Info on the building of Dalek and Cyberman props for the 1996 Children in Need appeal

Spectrus - Lots of items here, including Doctor profiles, reviews, gorgeous graphics, and more

Time Jump Into Another Dimension - Timeline, episode guide and other features

Timelash - Guide to past and future book and video releases, plus bloopers lists and a version of Concentration based on the show

Time Vortex - Video cover images, links and more

The Universe of Doctor Who - Links, book list, convention info and more

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