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The Eight Doctors


Chameleon Circuit - An attractive archive of alternate covers for Who videos

The Chris Augustus Doctor Who Page - A screen saver, a virtual TARDIS console simulator, and an experimental telesnap CD application

The Death Zone - Desktop theme links, images, sounds and more

The Doctor's Digital Domain - MIDI files, links, and more

Doctor Who Fonts Page - Assiduous (an excellent clone of Adobe's Industria - used for the BBC book and video covers), Theta Sigma (a dingbat font with program logos), and more

Doctor Who Image Archive - Steve Hill's site is the starting point for Who images on the Web, with Doctors, companions, supporting characters, logos and more

Doctor Who Picture Page - A new picture every month, more or less (like I can talk)

Doctor Who Tragical History Tour - A repository of pictures, presented in themed formats

The Doctor Who WAV Archive - Large collection of Doctor Who WAV files - an excellent, well-organized, resource

Doug's Doctor Who Sounds Page - A variety of interesting sound files, many not available elsewhere

Dr Who Movie Page - Screen captures and Real Video from the TV movie

Dr Who page - 3D models of the Daleks and more, with links to models from other sci-fi shows

Enduring Image - Some excellent fan-produced video covers, and an archive of scanned images

Fluid Links - 3D modeling and other Who images by Chris Sutor - extremely impressive

John Pettigrew's Covers - A collection of video and DVD covers, as well as Missing Audio covers in DVD case format, maintained by Cameron Mason

The Laughing Psychos' Web O' Death - 3D art, computer models, downloads and more

Mateen's 3D Graphics Page - Some good original 3D Who artwork, plus images from other genres

Doctor Who Home Page by Nitro-9 - Siobahn Morgan's files from the legendary Frontios archive

The Production Centre - Screensavers, Active Desktop wallpaper, a K-9 Desktop Pet and more (Shockwave required)

Relative Dimensions - Some nice original Who artwork, sound files, and more

Scarves and Eyestalks - Doctor Who artwork by Scott Vaughn - Backgrounds, video covers, prints and animation from the man who did the title sequences for Dimensions on Tyne 2002 and 2003

Shag's Doctor Who Page - Items to customize your desktop, and links to other pages of interest

TARDIS Explorer - An amazing virtual reality recreation of the TARDIS (QuickTime and Macromedia Flash required)

The TARDIS Zone - An excellent collection of TARDIS pictures and sounds

The UNIT News Doctor Who WAV Archive - A collection of sound files from the first eight Doctors

The Velvet Web - A nice selection of video covers from the classic series

Who 3D - 3D models of the TARDIS, animations, episode reconstructions, and much more

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