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Who's Doctor Who?

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Doctor Who © BBC
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This page last updated on September 4, 2009

Author: Allen Robinson
Editor/maintainer: Louise Lobinske

The Eight Doctors


Alternate Doctor Who FAQ
- Info about alternate versions of Who, such as the Stranger series

Bevis and Duncan's Doctor Who Guide - A guide to the Doctor Who television series

The Bloopers List - Have you spotted the amazing camera-bashing Zarbi yet?

Brief History of Time (Travel) - An episodic history of the program - very interesting

The BBC Classic Series Homepage - One of two official BBC Who sites, featuring news and info, contests, and more, focusing on Doctors One through Eight

The BBC New Series Homepage - The other official BBC Who site, including videos, downloads, news, the "making of," and info on Doctor Who Confidential

Continuum - The TARDIS Manual, the Dark Scrolls of Rassilon, a planetary index, and more

Currently Showing - List of stations in Britain, Australia, Canada and the US which broadcast Who

The DiscContinuity Guide - A guide to the Big Finish adventures and other audio productions, based on the classic reference book

Doctor Who and the Video Website of Evil - A comprehensive guide to the North American video releases

Doctor Who at Newton's Laws of Television - A collection of features, humor and fiction about the series, taken mainly from the fanzines Think Tank and KKLAK!

Doctor Who Chronology - An exhaustive chronology of the television adventures

Doctor Who Cuttings Archive - Dedicated to coverage of Who in newspapers and magazines - articles from the last 37 years are archived here - an incredible resource, very well presented

Doctor Who FAQ - A general listing of questions and answers concerning Doctor Who

Doctor Who IRC FAQ - Info for participants in the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) forums

Doctor Who Movie Details - The complete guide to the Doctor Who TVM

Doctor Who Newbie FAQ - If you're new to fandom, or would like some background info, this is the place to start - Info on the books (including the Benny Adventures), links, and much more

Doctor Who Restoration Team Homepage - Details on the ongoing efforts to restore lost and damaged episodes, written by those who do the work

Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures - A detailed episode guide which adopts the approach that everything is canonical

Doctor Who Video FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for US and Canadian videos

The Doctor Who Viewers Guide - A concise index of episodes from both TV series

GEOS - Doctor Who - Attractive and detailed guides to the TV episodes and films and the new series

Inside the TARDIS - Profiles of the Doctors, news, links, book info and more

Internet Movie Database Entries - Doctor Who (classic series) | Doctor Who (TV movie) | Doctor Who (new series)

Rassilon, Omega, and that Other Guy - Gallifrey timelines, with info from the TV show, the books, and other sources

Stripping Down - An excellent guide to the Doctor Who comics stories

TARDIS Databanks - Info on The Doctor, the monsters, the TARDIS and more - graphics intensive

Type 40 Doctor Who - Episode guides, book and comics info, and much more

Who Central - Links, actor information, reviews, and more

The Whoniverse - Lots of info - a history of the Doctor Who universe, a biography of the Doctor, a skeptic's investigation of UNIT, the Discontinuity Guide to the novels, and more

Who's Doctor Who? - You might have noticed this one on your way to this page - if you didn't, it's an award-winning "biography" of The Doctor, based on the continuity of the television series

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