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This page last updated on September 4, 2009

Author: Allen Robinson
Editor/maintainer: Louise Lobinske

The Eight Doctors


Brit Trivia - Windows trivia game, with questions from Who, Red Dwarf, Monty Python and more

Cheeky Monkey Games - Original freeware games based on Doctor Who, Star Wars and South Park, a nifty Who visual database, and many other features

The Chronicles of Stanislaw - A role-playing campaign set in the Who universe

Dalek Chess - Info on an ongoing conversion of Battle Chess for the Linux platform

Daleks - Online version of the classic Daleks game

Doctor Who CCG FAQ - Information on the Doctor Who Collectible Card Game

Doctor Who Pinball: Time Streams - Everything you ever wanted to know about the Doctor Who pinball game

NADW The Renegades Simulation - Virtual home of those who always wanted to take a trip in the TARDIS - the Renegades roleplay original adventures on IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

Planet Skaro - Plenty of information about the Doctor Who collectible card game

Red's Who Quizzes - Quizzes, word searches and other material

Save a Time Lord - Answer The Master's questions to rescue The Doctor

SCSoft's Doctor Who Quake - Quake, Quake 2 and Quake 3 add-ins featuring Who monsters and movie version Daleks

The Time Lords' 8-Bit Time Share Villa - Some 8-bit Who games (with emulators), links, and more await you at this site

Timequake - A total conversion for Quake, featuring The Fourth Doctor

Who-RPG Home Page - The original list and site about Dr. Who roleplaying games

Who Sim Universe - A portal to Who simulations, including the Renegades and the Time Trap Bar

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