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Alternation - An excellent Doctor Who - Deep Space Nine crossover story

An Unruly Web Page - A parody of The Doctor's first adventure from the twisted imagination of Charles Daniels, author of The Unauthorized Programme Guide

Audio Visuals: Adventures in Space and Time - Detailed look at these classic fan productions

BTR Productions - Formerly "Back to Reality Productions" - fan audios and videos featuring an alternate Ninth Doctor

The Bare Bones Archive - Fan fiction with an emphasis on The Fifth Doctor

Captain Who - Adventures of a young Time Lord whose companions include Lisa Simpson

Dale Smith Online - Doctor Who and other writings

The Dalek Builders Club - Everything you could possibly want to know about building your very own "blob of hate in bonded polycarbide armor"

Devious - Halfway to Oblivion - Home page for a well-received fan film

Dijitaal Lair - Info on music tracks composed for the Manopticon conventions

The Doctor and the Enterprise - The Fourth Doctor meets the original Star Trek crew in Jean Airey's legendary crossover

Doctor Who Audio Dramas - Fan-produced audio productions

The Doctor Who Project - What if Doctor Who had never been canceled in 1989? This fan fiction series is one answer to that question

The Doctor Who Scale Models Page - Featuring scratch-built models of monsters, Doctors, and more

Doctor Who Scarf - Detailed instructions on duplicating the original 4th Doctor scarf, plus links to other scarf sites

Doctor Who, Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Fanfic set in these and other universes

Doctor Who: Time Lock - Information on a forthcoming fan video

The Domain - Original fiction, plus fanfic links

The Dr. Who Shoebox of Triviality - Take the Dr. Who Purity Test to see how obsessed a fan you are, or adopt your very own Time Lord

The End of the Phoenix - Includes an original Doctor Who novel and other fanfic

The Fake Book - A. C. Chapin's site, with crossovers with Sandman and The Books of Magic

The Federation - Arguably the longest-running series of fan videos, with project info, photos, and ordering information

Fiction by Marc DiPaolo - The Fourth and Sixth Doctors team up at this site, which also includes Trek fiction and other stories

Five-Minute Doctor Who - A hilarious site, still in progress, which presents each episode as a parody intended to be five minutes long

Gordon's Big Fan Fiction Archive - Who meets Dark Shadows in this collection

He! He! He! - Humor site featuring Doctor Who, The Beatles, The Avengers and much more

Homegrown Productions - Home of Access Denied and other videos, with pictures, sounds, chat room and more

Internet Adventures Homepage - Archives of the round-robin adventures of The Eighth Doctor

James Bond is a Time Lord - Conclusive proof that Agent 007 is a renegade Gallifreyan

Lightpaths to Laughter - Who humor, with lists, episode bloopers, madlibs and more

Lith's extraordinary Doctor Who page - Site with original artwork, fiction and links

Loose Cannon Productions - Reconstructions of missing Hartnell and Troughton stories

Maddogg's House of Waffles - No, I don't know why he calls it that - see if you can figure it out

Meager Films - Info about, and screenshots from, a series of fan videos

Mick's Model World - - The next website from the guy who brought you the Dalek Resource WebHOme, intended as a modellers' resource with a broader perspective

MMM Commentaries - If you've seen MST3K, you'll be familiar with the format these commentaries take

Moosifer Jones' Grouch - X-Files and Doctor Who stories, and more

Mr. T vs. the Cybermen - The metal men from Mondas meet their match - I pity the fool who doesn't visit this site

Mystic Wild Parabola - Fan fiction of Doctor Who and other science fiction shows

Myth Makers - Fan fiction from the Doctor Who Information Network

The 900-Year Diary - A humorous look at the history of Doctor Who

Once in a Blue Moon Productions - Another site offering fan-produced audios

The Panatropic Network - Random Companion's site, with fan fiction and more

The Purple Rose of Skaro - If you're a Woody Allen fan and a Doctor Who fan, this is either your dream come true or your worst nightmare - an animated version of "Purple Rose of Cairo" populated with Who monsters

Python Lord Productions - The stories of Stephen M. Wolterstorff

Reverse Polarity - Computer-generated films with the Daleks and other Who characters

Strange Times and Places - Home of This Time Round, a Who pub which is the setting for a series of connected stories

The TARDIS Library - Fan fiction and original MIDI files

The TARDIS Viewscreen - Info on a series of videos featuring the Daleks and Cybermen

Time and Again - Downloadable trailer, behind the scenes pics, and more

Timelord - Fan fiction, fan-produced audios, games, book reviews, articles, and the Random Fiction Project

Time Rift - If you visit rec.arts.drwho, you'll have heard of this fan video - learn more here

Time's Crucible: A History of the Omniverse - An attempt to reconcile the timelines of Who, Trek, Buffy, DC and Marvel Comics, and other continuities

Ultimate Dalek Factory - You too can create an army of darkness in the privacy of your own home - all you need is this site, some glue, and an urge to dominate the cosmos

Ultimate Reality - A non-profit organization which produces series of fan adventures based entirely on the Internet

You Are Not Alone - Fan fiction exploring the gap between Series 3 and 4, as well as comics, artwork, Torchwood/UNIT Files, and companion stats

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