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This page last updated on August 22, 2009

Author: Allen Robinson
Editor/maintainer: Louise Lobinske

The Eight Doctors


Brisbane Local Group of the Doctor Who Club of Australia - Information about the Brisbane group, including how to join

Buffalo Time Council - Buffalo, NY club devoted to Who, Red Dwarf, and other shows

Chronicles of Who [US] - Illinois Doctor Who fan club

Companions of Doctor Who [US] - Club for fans in the Mobile, Alabama area

CONvergence - Convention scheduled in July of each year in Bloomington, Minnesota

Dimensions 2005 [UK] - Information about a November 2005 con in Stockton on Tees

Doctor Who Appreciation Society Home Page [UK] - The world's oldest and best-known Doctor Who fan organization, officially recognized by the BBC

The Doctor Who Club of Australia - Organizers of the Whovention convention series

The Doctor Who Club of Victoria [Australia] - Victoria club home page - with info on conventions, other Australian clubs and more

The Doctor Who Information Network - Canada's premier fan organization, the longest-running fan club in North America, which accepts members from around the world

The Emerald City Androgums [US] - Seattle Anglophile club with a unique gastronomical twist

Eye Spiders of Pergross [UK] - Fan group in the Poole-Bournemouth area

Friends of the Time Lord [US] - Homepage for a Cincinnati fan group

The Gallifrey Foundation [Australia] - A Doctor Who fan club based in Melbourne

Gallifrey 2010 - The annual Los Angeles convention, scheduled for February 2010

Guardians of Gallifrey [US] - Florida fan club site, with news and reviews, games, links and more

Indelible [UK] - The Merseyside Local Group, "an irreverent bunch of fans"

Intergalactic House of Daleks [US] - The Dallas/Fort Worth Doctor Who Viewing Society

Knights of the White Guardian [US] - Massachusetts Who and sci-fi fan organization

The Legion of Rassilon [US] - San Francisco Bay area fan club

Milwaukee Time Lords [US] - Wisconsin club for Who and other sci-fi, with events, newsletter, and fanzine info

Minnesota British Television Viewing Society [US] - A Minnesota gathering of fans of British television in all its various forms, from comedy, science-fiction, drama, to whatever else

New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club - Based in Auckland - publishers of Time Space Visualizer

Northern Virginia Doctor Who Viewing Society [US] - Fan group in the Fairfax County area

Oxford University Doctor Who Society [UK] - Information on the Society and their publication, The Tides of Time

PanoptiCon 2003 [UK] - Info on the November 2003 convention, and on other past events

The Prydonians of Prynceton [US] - America's largest fan-run Who and sci-fi club

Rocky Mountain Doctor Who Viewing Society - Based in the Denver area

The St. Louis Celestial Intervention Agency [US] - One of the oldest American clubs, devoted to Who and other sci-fi

The Sci-Fi Sea Cruise - Info about a vacation cruise with guests from Who and other sci-fi shows

SFSA - A Doctor Who and general science fiction club site with meeting and fanzine info, links, news and more

Society of the Rusting TARDIS [US] - Seattle club - pizza and videos, a formidable combination

Time Meddlers of Los Angeles [US] - Online home of L.A.'s Doctor Who fan club

Tulsa Doctor Who Viewing Society [US] - Yahoo group for the Oklahoma fan club

United Fan Con - Annual con in Springfield, Massachusetts

The Universal Network of Iowan Timelords - Iowa fan club, with member pages and links to Iowa Public Television

The Unwilling Warriors [UK] - A group for fans in the Cheshire and Wirral areas

The Videodrome [UK] - This video store is having a signing on April 22, 2006 featuring Annette Badland (Slitheen Margaret) and Katy Manning

Visions [US] - Unofficial site for the gone-but-not-forgotten Illinois convention series

Vortex Events [UK] - One of the oldest groups of convention organizers, with info on past and future projects

The Wakefield Highlanders [UK] - Yorkshire-based group which publishes the Culloden Times

The Wolves of Fenric [UK] - Fan group (for Who and Buffy) in the Wolverhampton area

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