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This page last updated on December 30, 2012

Author: Allen Robinson
Editor/maintainer: Louise Lobinske

The Eight Doctors


Abslom Daak - Dalek Killer - Detailed information about the comic strip character

Adric's Little Home of SF - An amazingly in-depth look at Adric and actor Matthew Waterhouse

Bonnie Langford - Official site of the bubbly actress who played companion Melanie Bush

Companions' Home Page - Devoted to those unsung heroes of time and space: the companions

David Tennant - A site devoted to the career of the Tenth Doctor

Elisabeth Sladen Information Network - Fan club for "the most popular companion of all time"

Focus on Authors: Bernice Summerfield - A detailed look at the renowned archaeologist and companion

The Gateway to Doctor Who - Devoted to The Second Doctor, the Daleks, and Zoe Herriot

Georgia Moffett - Lots of info about the actress who played the Doctor's Daughter

Ice Warrior Page - Everything you ever wanted to know about the Ice Warriors

Idolising Peter Davison - This shrine to the popular actor has a biography, filmography, and more

The Jo Grant Page - A page devoted to the Third Doctor's longest-serving companion

John Levene Fan Club - Publishers of Sergeant-at-Arms, an official newsletter with material from John himself

The Life and Times of Dodo Chaplet - Dodo's own web site, complete with televised and novelized appearances

Melanie Bush Page - Info, pictures, sounds, and links - all about Mel Bush, companion to the Sixth and Seventh Doctors

9 Lives: The Colin Baker Tribute Site - A defense and celebration of Colin Baker's era, covering all the stories, from TV, comics, and audios

Official Tom Baker Web Site - With a curriculum vitae, merchandise and more

Paul McGann Estrogen Brigade - Official fan club for the actor who played The Eighth Doctor

Peter Davison - Information about Peter's career and links to related sources

The Polly Page - She screamed a little, she put the kettle on, and she got her own web page

The Sophie Aldred Page - Ace, and the actress who played her - pictures, sounds, and more

The Steven Taylor Page - A site devoted to the Hartnell-era companion

Sylvester - A comprehensive selection of Seventh Doctor merchandise

Sylvester McCoy Image and Sound Archive - The popular actor who played The Seventh Doctor, with pictures and sounds from the series and his many other roles

Tegan's Worldwide Admirers (TWA) - Pictures, biographical information, links and more

Turlough, Vislor. ID: 458/126-Z1 - In-depth report on a dangerous fugitive last seen with The 5th Doctor

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